2010-08-26  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * MANIFEST: Added sample program to MANIFEST.

  * lib/Net/Songkick.pm: Bump to version 0.03.

  * bin/setlist: Added sample set list program.

  * lib/Net/Songkick.pm: Reformating.

  * bin/gigs: Tweaking output.

  * MANIFEST, lib/Net/Songkick/SetList.pm, lib/Net/Songkick/SetListItem.pm: Add
  set list support.

  * .gitignore: Ignore backups.

  * bin/gigs: Better demonstration of the object model.

  * lib/Net/Songkick.pm: Fix typo in setlist URL.

  * Build.PL: Need DateTime::Format::Strptime, not DateTime.

  * lib/Net/Songkick.pm: Use wantarray on more of the return values.

  * lib/Net/Songkick.pm: Tweaked documentation. Bumped to version 0.02.

  * Build.PL: Added new dependencies.

  * lib/Net/Songkick/Artist.pm, lib/Net/Songkick/Country.pm,
  lib/Net/Songkick/Event.pm, lib/Net/Songkick/Location.pm,
  lib/Net/Songkick/MetroArea.pm, lib/Net/Songkick/Performance.pm,
  lib/Net/Songkick/Venue.pm: Added pod.

  * MANIFEST: Added new classes to MANIFEST.

  * lib/Net/Songkick/Artist.pm, lib/Net/Songkick/Country.pm,
  lib/Net/Songkick/Event.pm, lib/Net/Songkick/MetroArea.pm,
  lib/Net/Songkick/Performance.pm, lib/Net/Songkick/Venue.pm: Added new
  classes. Tied them all together.

  * lib/Net/Songkick/Event.pm, lib/Net/Songkick/Location.pm,
  lib/Net/Songkick/Performance.pm: New classes.

  * .gitignore: Added a .gitignore file.

  * Build.PL, MANIFEST: Adding Net::Songkick::Event and bin/gigs to the

  * META.yml: Removed META.yml from repo as it is generated.

  * bin/gigs: Changed to use the new Perl objects that now get returned from
  get_upcoming_events by default.

  * lib/Net/Songkick.pm: First attempt at returning Perl objects rather than

  * lib/Net/Songkick/Event.pm: Initial version of Net::Songkick::Event class.

  * : Make Build.PL not executable.

  * bin/gigs: New files.

2010-08-25  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * MANIFEST: Added ChangeLog

  * Build.PL, MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, META.yml, t/01-load.t, t/02-basic.t,
  t/pod.t, t/pod_coverage.t: Added various files.

  * lib/Net/Songkick.pm: Fix documentation.

  * lib/Net/Songkick.pm: Added simple documentation.

  * lib/Net/Songkick.pm: Initial version.