2010-03-21  Dave Cross <dave@angel.mag-sol.com>

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm: Added documentation for the exponentiation support.

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm, t/13_exp.t: Added simple support for

2010-03-15  Dave Cross <dave@angel.mag-sol.com>

  * t/13_exp.t: Added tests for exponentiation. And they all pass without any
  code changes!

2010-02-09  Dave Cross <dave@dacross.(none)>

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm: Fixed a couple of typos in the Pod. Thanks to
  Kornel Umann for spotting them.

2009-06-15  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * Build.PL, lib/Number/Fraction.pm, t/12_invalid.t: Fixed CPAN RT bug #46961
  (and added tests). Move VERSION setting into Number/Fraction.pm.

2009-02-21  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * : Removed execute bits on tests.

2008-03-09  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * Build.PL: Fiddled with dependencies. Incremented version number.

2008-03-08  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * MANIFEST: Added Build.PL and META.yml

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm: Changed email address and copyright date

  * Build.PL, Makefile.PL: Moved from Makefile.PL to Build.PL.

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm: Use svn revision number. Remove old cvs logs.

  * MANIFEST: Make non-executable

  * t/01_load.t, t/02_create.t, t/03_create.t, t/04_add.t, t/05_subtract.t,
  t/06_multiply.t, t/07_divide.t, t/08_compare.t, t/09_neg.t: Switch to using
  Test::More throughout. Remove old Test.pm black magic comments.

  * : Make non-executable

2006-03-02  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * t/05_subtract.t: fixed one test that failed after applying previous fixes.

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm, t/02_create.t: A couple of patches supplied by
  David Westbrook.

2005-10-22  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm: Added new tests.

  * MANIFEST: Added pod coverage tests.

  * t/11_pod_coverage.t: Added Pod coverage tests.

2004-10-23  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm: Improved test coverage (to 100% - Go Me!)

2004-05-23  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * Makefile.PL, lib/Number/Fraction.pm, t/10_pod.t: Changed pod tests. Updated
  my email address in Makefile.PL

  * Makefile.PL: Changed references to Fraction.pm

  * MANIFEST: Added t/10_pod.t

  * MANIFEST: Moved Fraction.pm to lib/Number

  * Changes: Removed Changes (now autogenerated)

2004-05-22  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm, t/02_create.t, t/03_create.t, t/04_add.t,
  t/05_subtract.t, t/06_multiply.t, t/07_divide.t, t/10_pod.t: Added more
  tests. Fixed a couple of bugs that they uncovered.

2004-04-28  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * MANIFEST, lib/Number/Fraction.pm: Added negative tests to MANIFEST

2004-04-27  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm: Added support for negative numbers.

  * t/09_neg.t: Added tests for negative numbers

2003-02-19  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * t/08_compare.t: Corrected invalid string tests. '1/2' lt '1/4' (when
  considered as strings)

  * lib/Number/Fraction.pm: Correct '+0' to '0+'. Added "fallback" - which
  allowed me to remove cmp and ncmp.

  * Changes, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, README, lib/Number/Fraction.pm,
  t/01_load.t, t/02_create.t, t/03_create.t, t/04_add.t, t/05_subtract.t,
  t/06_multiply.t, t/07_divide.t, t/08_compare.t: Initial revision