Revision history for Perl extension List::BinarySearch::XS.

0.09 2015-02-05
  - Fix typo in a link provided in META (Makefile.PL).

0.08 2014-12-15
  - Microoptimization: Eliminate multiple dereferences of aref_haystack.

0.07 2014-12-02
  - Adjust arithmetic to avoid potential of overflow (from GH issue
    #2 under List::BinarySearch repo.  Also see ).
  - Switch from RT to GitHub Issues.

0.06 2013-10-28
  - Fixed typo(bug) in POD example. (RT#89819).

0.05 2013-10-27
  - Added git repository to META information.
  - Removed unnecessary max==min test in binsearch (save a cycle or two).

0.04 2013-09-17
  - Improvements to auto-generated META.* files.

0.03 2013-09-06
  - Micro-optimization in XS code for binsearch (Consolidated output code
    into PPCODE section.
  - Remove "DEV RELEASE" mention in POD.

0.02 2013-09-05
  - Enough smoke tests have trickled in that I'm comfortable with portability
    from Perl 5.8.9 through present.  Would like to see more Windows tests, but
    unofficial reports are that we build and test alright there as well.
  - Bump version number to 0.02 and release.
  - This version is compatible as a plugin for List::BinarySearch v0.12.

0.01_005 2013-09-04
  - Added tests and bugfix for return value of binsearch on "no match" in list
    context (Should be empty list.  Was a single element of undef).
0.01_004 2013-08-31
  - #define cxinc() if PERL_VERSION is less than 5.12 to restore
    compatibility with pre-5.12.

0.01_003 2013-08-29
  - Address some issues with backwards compatibility for Perl 5.10/5.8.
  - Test a fix for Windows.
  - Test a fix for the cxinc problem.
  - Make sure all "author" tests are disabled unless RELEASE_TESTING set.
0.01_002 2013-08-22
  - Restore compatibility with Perl versions older than 5.16 by changing
    av_top_index to av_len.  av_top_index is a more sanely named synonym to
    av_len, but wasn't available until Perl 5.16.
  - POD corrections.

0.01_001 2013-08-21
  - Applied code adapted from a binary search utility written with Inline::C.
  - Adapted POD from List::BinarySearch
  - Minimal testing added (additional still to be adapted from L::BS).

0.01  2013-08-20
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -b 5.8.0 -n List::BinarySearch::XS