Revision history for Perl extension Net::SSH2.

Developer/maintainer: David B. Robins <>.
Project started 2005-10-23 in Redmond, Washington, USA.

0.06  2006-01-14  dbr  (svn revision 42)
        - Win32 modifications (thanks to Eric Lam for research and patches).
        - Use MAXPATHLEN instead of PATH_MAX; add some casts (thanks to
          bug report from Freddy Soderlund).
        - Update exec documentation to clarify that it runs a single command
          and closes the channel (thanks to Mike Schmidt).
        - Use '' for tied PRINT output separator if undefined (stop warnings).

0.05  2005-11-11  dbr  (svn revision 40)
        - More C89 fixes (-ansi -pedantic); thanks to Chuck Carson for testing.
        - Remove "inline" (Solaris cc doesn't like it) ( #15707).
        - Various minor cleanups.

0.04  2005-11-07  dbr  (svn revision 38)
        - Fix c89 compile errors and warnings (-Wall).
        - Make example/ available as first sample script.
        - Add public key objects (libssh2 0.12+ only).

0.03  2005-11-02  dbr  (svn revision 36)
        - Use poll in Net::SSH2::Channel::GETC (250 ms timeout).
        - Change SCP interface; don't return a channel.

0.02  2005-11-01  dbr  (svn revision 35)
        - Add tie support to Net::SSH2::File objects.

0.01  2005-11-01  dbr  (svn revision 30)
        - First alpha release with full SSH2/SFTP support (uses libSSH2).
        - Original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
            -A -n Net::SSH2 -b 5.8.0.