2.43    2015-04-26      Make segfault go away on Windows

2.42    2013-05-25      Bugfix to cope with inconsistent hash ordering

2.41    2012-09-03      Patched to work through HTTP proxies

2.4     2012-05-27      Fix for RT 65001, 02packages being corrupted
                          by LWP::Simple::get being too damned clever
                          for its own good

2.34    2010-05-29      Parallel testing didn't work on Windows;
                        SKIP if Makefile.PL times out but shouldn't have

2.33    2010-03-12      Optionally report on required module versions

2.32    2009-04-27      Make sure we always chdir() back again in Makefile.PL
                          handler, even if Bad Juju happens, see reports
                          3755239 and 3761690

2.31    2009-04-24      Update version dependency on Parse::CPAN::Packages
                          to avoid a bug in its interaction with the latest
                        Switch from YAML to YAML::Tiny

2.3     2009-04-16      Makefile.PL now times out

2.22    2009-04-15      Script tests now skip on Windows - script works,
                          but tests don't.  If you care, Patches Welcome

2.21    2009-04-15      Fix bug in cpandeps script - CPAN::Config might
                          not exist, but wasn't being used anyway.  Thanks
                          to Andreas Koenig

2.2     2009-04-14      Add stuff to see 'recommended' modules, thanks to
                          Georg Oechsler

2.1     2009-04-11      Add Ian Tegebo's patch to get deps from Makefile.PL

2.0     2007-12-13      Add caching;
                        Uses cached data for testing, so tests are less
                        Add maxdepth param

1.99_01 2007-12-03      This version was a re-write;
                        No longer supports searching by distribution;
                        Switch to Parse::CPAN::Packages from CPAN.pm;
                        Much better core module detection;
                        Perl version option;
                        Added docs to cpandeps script

1.1     2007-11-07      Error checking in 'cpandeps' script
                        Added 'build_requires' support

1.02    2007-07-19      Now installs 'cpandeps' script;
                        Added 'nowarnings'

1.01    2007-08-19      Updated dependency to CPAN.pm 1.9102

1.0     2007-08-17      Original release