2014-07-17      3.0001  Make N::P::UK->format() cope better when OFCOM
                          don't tell us how long 08 numbers are;
                        New UK allocations

2014-04-25      3.0     Add Number::Phone::Lib, a libphonenumber-compatible
                          subclass. This lacks some functionality but is
                          considerably faster (for UK numbers) and compatible
                          (for non-geographic NANP numbers);
                        Add some new CA/US area codes;
                        Add more GMSS codes;
                        Use libphonenumber data for some NANP countries (some
                          have dodgy data*) for is_mobile, is_fixed_line

* Some countries have duplicate regexes for fixed_line/mobile in libphonenumber,
  and others have regexes that match the same data

2014-04-15      2.2003  Bugfix to tighten up length checking for
                          unallocated UK numbers;
                        New UK allocations

2013-07-04      2.2002  New UK allocations

2012-11-29      2.2001  Bugfix to avoid using broken third-party
                          Number::Phone::* modules that aren't proper
                        New UK allocations

2012-11-21      2.2     Bugfix stub countries to not have random \ in
                          area names;
                        Minor doco fix "from Number::Phone::UK, it would
                          return DE" is obviously wrong;
                        Some stuff in stubs for the breakup of the
                          Dutch colonies in the Caribbean;
                        New UK allocations;
                        Documentation (and stub implementation in superclass)
                          for new operator_ported() method;
                        New dial_to() method;
                        Much doco improvement;
                        Switch to DBM::Deep 2 for UK data, to fix Windows
                          test failures, see eg http://tinyurl.com/n-p2-1fail;

2012-10-30      2.1     Fix so we don't die trying to parse Inmarsat
                          and other non-country entities, see

2012-10-30      2.0002  Fixed how we extract patterns of leading digits
                          for number formats from libphonenumber, see
                        Added some minimal tests for this;
                        Import from libphonenumber

2012-10-27      2.0001  New UK allocations, import from libphonenumber
                          and OFCOM

2012-01-29      2.0     Fix nasty bug in formatting unallocated UK numbers;
                        Sint Maarten (SX) moved from +599 5 to +1 721;
                        UK formatting improved for 3+7 and 2+8 formats;
                        Isle of Man (IM), Guernsey (GG) and Jersey (JE)
                          now sort-of treated as countries;
                        The minimal objects returned when there's no detailed
                          country-specific module available are far more
                          intelligent, thanks to libphonenumber's data;
                        New UK allocations;
                        Deprecated ridiculous ways of calling most methods;

2011-10-29      1.9     New UK allocations;
                        Use libphonenumber's data for N::P::Country;
                        Use libphonenumber's data for N::P::NANP areanames

2011-08-18      1.8006  Add South Sudan (SS, +211) to N::P::Country;
                        New UK allocations

2011-08-05      1.8005  Include tests for bugfix in distro

2011-08-05      1.8004  Bugfix for divining country code from subclasses;
                        New UK allocations

2011-07-19      1.8003  UK parser made a teensy bit more robust;
                        UK parser bugfixed for 01768 88 mixed length stupidity
                        New UK allocations

2011-07-08      1.8002  New UK allocations;
                        Numerous small changes in Number::Phone::Country
                          Tidying number ranges in Mayotte;
                          Minor bugfix for Mayotte;
                          Gibraltar can't be called in the Spanish
                            numbering scheme any more;
                          Ellipsos satcomms have gone away;
                          Kazakhstan has +76 and +77 instead of random
                            bits all over +7;
                          Western Sahara number ranges identified;
                          Kosovo (no ISO3166 country code yet, so I'm
                            temporarily using KOS, as used by the UN
                            Development Programme, see
                          Canada and the US have some new codes;
                          Netherlands Antilles are splitting up;
                          Dominican Republic now has +1 849;

2011-05-20      1.8001  New UK allocations

2010-09-12      1.8     INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: constructor will now return
                          a minimal object instead of undef if there's no
                          country-specific module available
                        New UK allocations

2010-07-05      1.7101  Bugfix for N::P->new('CC', '+NN12345');

2010-07-02      1.7100  Bugfix for N::P->new('CC', '12345');
                        New UK allocations

2010-02-17      1.7004  New UK allocations;
                        UK geographic numbers are no longer assumed to
                          be fixed lines - damn those VoIP providers!

2009-10-18      1.7003  Minor bugfix, see https://rt.cpan.org/ ticket 48581;
                        New UK allocations

2009-04-22      1.7002  Fix minor bug (...::UK constructor returning 0
                          instead of undef for (some?) invalid numbers,
                          reported by Tomasz Chomiuk;
                        New UK allocations

2009-03-04      1.7001  Kill warnings about GE being deprecated;
                        Add missing dep on Digest::MD5

2009-02-26      1.7     Fix formatting for valid but unallocated UK numbers;
                        One of the UK telcos whose name we check for in
                          tests renamed itself;
                        New UK allocations;
                        Added country-to-code and national/international
                          prefix data to N::P::C, thanks to Michael Schout

2008-05-27      1.6     Magic country detection now works (thanks to
                          Jos Boumans for reporting the bug);
                        New UK allocations

2008-02-27      1.581   Added dependency on perl 5.006 (DBM::Deep uses 'our');
                        Removed docs from N::P::UK::DBM::Deep and
                          replaced with note about its status;
                        New UK allocations;
                        Removed t/pod* temporarily
2007-06-01      1.58    Number::Phone::Country updated to reflect KM/YT split
                          Mayotte moved into parts of +262, so now shares with
                          Reunion instead of Comoros
                        New UK allocations (in particular 03 range)
2007-03-13      1.57    New UK allocations;
                        Bundle DBM::Deep cos old version is incompatible
2007-02-24      1.5601  New UK allocations
2006-12-08      1.56    New UK allocations; 
                        Updated OFCOM parser;
                        Loads of Number::Phone::Country updates -
                          +1: NANP overlays: 226, 438, 762, 769, 829;
                          +269: Split Mayotte/Comores;
                          +381/2: Yugoslavia's *still* breaking up! (RS and ME);
                          +61 89162/4: Cocos and Christmas islands
                          +672 3: Norfolk Island
                          +672 1 0/1/2/3: Australian Antarctic bases
                          +681: Wallace and Futuna (corrected CCTLD)
                          +881 0: ICO Global
                          +881 3: Ellipso
                          +881 6: Iridium
                          +881 7: Iridium
                          +881 8: Globalstar
2006-08-25      1.55    Damnit, 1.54's ...UK->location() was wrong
2006-08-24      1.54    And again!
2006-08-23      1.53    Doh!  How we loaded location data was buggy
2006-08-23      1.52    Documentation patches;
                        Corrected CHANGELOG entry for v1.51;
                        Added location data for the UK
2006-08-22      1.51    Updated UK data to access DATA filehandle directly,
                          which depends on DBM::Deep 0.97 and above.  This
                          saves even more memory and makes the module load
                          a lot faster;
                        New UK allocations;
                        Some improvements and fixes in OFCOM data parser;
                        Bug fixes :-( for UK numbers with a significant F digit
2005-10-16      1.5     UK data moved into an embedded DBM::Deep structure
                          to save memory (NB: this adds dependencies)
                        Added location() method
2005-10-11      1.4004  New UK allocations
                        Removed 'use warnings' and 'use diagnostics' because
                          they pointlessly require a later version of perl;
                        re the above, tests now all use -w instead
2005-08-23      1.4003  Updated N::P::Country to use CS instead of YU for
                          Yugoslavia (ISO 3166 has been updated)
                        Fixed non-US and non-CA countries in N::P::Country's
                          phone2country_and_idd function (BUGFIX)
                        New UK allocations
2005-08-02      1.4002  New UK allocations
2005-06-27      1.4001  Added phone2country_and_idd to N::P::Country
                        new UK allocations etc
2005-05-18      1.4     updated Number::Phone::Country to remove American
                          Samoa's +684 code, it has migrated to +1 684 in
                          the NANP
                        N::P::C now correctly identifies US numbers
                          doesn't just assume a NANP number is US if it's
                          not assigned to another country
                        N::P::C no longer uses <DATA>
                        N::P::C added missing countries
                        some tidying in N::P::C's tests
                        N::P->country now defaults to returning current country
                        some tidying in N::P base class
                        new UK number allocations
                        UK data file now has version number (autogen from date)
                        UK data fixed for numbers "Allocated for Migration only"
                        Added NANP class and NANP::XX subclasses
2005-04-12      1.3004  new UK number allocations
                        removed 'use diagnostics'
2004-12-05      1.3003  new UK number allocations
2004-11-26      1.3002  OFCOM's UK data had some spurious spaces in numeric
                          fields, which broke some 070 numbers, these are now
                          filtered out
2004-11-10      1.3001  new UK number allocations
2004-10-20      1.3     Added note about number portability in UK module.
                        Added areaname() method to interface definition
                          and an implementation in the UK module.
                        Defined translates_to() method in superclass.
                        Added Number::Phone::Country to distribution.  This
                          was previously maintained by T.J.Mather.
2004-10-13      1.2001  No code changes, just new UK number allocations
2004-09-22      1.2     Oops, forgot to add is_ipphone to docs for N::P::UK
                          last time.
                        Updated N::P::UK::Data with some new number ranges.
2004-09-15      1.1     Number::Phone::UK now implements is_ipphone, and
                          N::P::UK::Data has appropriate data in it, as
                          OFCOM have this week publishedthe allocations they
                          made a few weeks ago.
                        Removed is_voip() alias, it didn't work properly
                          under all the possible ways of invoking it.