Revision History for ANN

0.008     2011-06-13 06:52:38 UTC
          Add support for an Inline::C version of AI::ANN::Neuron::Execute.
          This is the default.

          Fix a few extra errors because of uninitialized values being sent to
          the C code. If you're using the inline::c stuff, be careful that 
          you don't skip any necessary inputs.

0.007     2011-06-12 04:44:46 UTC
          Add backprop, not tested.

          Evolver now allows you to pass a coderef for mutation_amount. It 
          will be evaluated with no arguments. If you pass a number instead, 
          it will be coerced into a uniform random value up to +/- your value.

          Change a few things from hashrefs to arrayrefs internally. Fully 
          back-compatibile, but I hope this will speed up a few things.

          Fix dependencies.

0.006     2011-06-01 16:08:04 UTC
          Remove dependency on perl 5.14, because apparently no one has that 
          installed yet. Get with the times, people! (Debian is still on 5.10)

          Add mutate_gaussian to the methods available in the evolver, and 
          allow the population of the eta_ values in AI::ANN. 

          Add a sternly worded comment to the evolver warning against the use 
          of crossover.

0.005     2011-05-31 20:18:02 UTC
          Convert to use Moose. I'm told that this is better. There are a few 
          neat things (not having to write accessors, and apparently 
          inheritance just works, I'll find out about that soon enough...) 
          but overall I really don't see the point. Default values, type 
          constraints, I had all that anyway. Meh.

          Add some words about what the point of this module is.

0.004     2011-05-31 02:35:26 UTC
          Minor calling changes that I need to commit so I can test them with 
          another module.

0.003     2011-05-31 01:09:32 UTC
          Minor. Correct the perl version requirement.

0.002     2011-05-31 01:04:53 UTC
          Make many obvious (to a computer, I hope) references to the fact 
          that this requires perl 5.14, to prevent the bloody annoying 
          CPAN Testers emails. Note that I chose to do this rather than 
          make the module compatible with earlier versions.

          Add two parameters for min and max neuron output values, default to 
          0 and 1. Conveniently, forget to actually implement that. 

          Less conveniently, remember to implement the above.
          While implementing the above, also implement an activation function 
          in the form of a coderef passed to the AI::ANN constructor.
          Add the Evolver module, and tests for it. Ensure that the AI::ANN
          objects that Evolver returns have the same parameters as did the 

          Chase down a few bugs caused by a combination of evil references
          and me changing the structure of my objects halfway through coding.
          Yell at myself a little bit for taunting the ghost of the (not yet 
          dead) Larry Wall, by claiming that I was 'halfway through coding'.

0.001     2011-05-27 03:04:06 UTC
          Initial release. ANN and ANN::Neuron working, basic test suite and