Revision history for Perl extension Parse::RecDescent.

1.00  Mon Aug 11 13:17:13 1997

	- original version

1.01  Mon Sep  8 18:04:14 EST 1997

	- changed "quotemeta" to "quotemeta $_" in Text::Balanced
	  to workaround bug in Perl 5.002 and 5.003

1.10  Tue Sep 30 14:51:49 EST 1997

	- fixed fatal bug in tracing code

	- added m<delim>...<delim> format for regex tokens

	- added support for trailing modifiers (/.../gimsox) in regex tokens

	- added $thisline variable

1.20  Thu Oct  2 11:46:57 EST 1997

	- fixed handling of trailing regex modifiers (now no whitespace allowed
	  before between last delimiter and first modifier)

	- added trace diagnostic for failure/success of actions
	  (demystifies failures caused by an action returning undef)

	- added context for "Matched rule..." trace

        - added a test so that an integer value (N>1) in the
          $::RD_TRACE variable now truncates (to N characters) all
          contexts reported in any trace

	- added "start-up" actions: actions appearing before the first rule
          were previously an error. They are now executed (once) at
          the start of the parser's namespace.

1.21  Sat Oct  4 17:12:23 EST 1997

	- modified truncation of context in trace diagnostics (successful
	  matches now report first N/2 and last N/2 chars, instead of first N)

	- fixed incorrect version number in

1.22  Tue Oct  7 11:53:27 EST 1997

	- fixed lurking trace problem with certain pathological regexes

	- fixed bug in generation of special namespaces (this was serious
	  as it prevented the use of more than one alternation in a parser,
	  as well as preventing the use of more than one parser in a script!

1.23  Fri Oct 17 10:15:22 EST 1997

	- fixed error message generation for <error?:msg> directives

	- fixed error message handling of empty productions

	- fixed handling of multi-line start-up actions

	- removed spurious debugging message for implicit subrule generation

	- changed naming scheme for alternations (pseudo-rule's name now
	  describes location of alternation exactly)

	- added support for repetition specifiers on alternations.

	- Text::Balanced::extract_.... altered to honour the context in
	  which they are called (see Balanced.pod for details).

	- fixed minor problem in tracing code (context string now correctly
	  reported for actions)

	- added explicit namespace declaration at beginning of generated
	  code, to ensure that any "start code" is declared in the
	  appropriate namespace.

	- fixed left recursion check on empty productions

	- added $::RD_AUTOSTUB flag and associated autostubbing behaviour
	  (see new section - "Autostubbing" - in RecDescent.pod)

	- eliminated hierarchical precedence between $::RD_HINT and 
          $::RD_TRACE. Enabling tracing now does _not_ automatically
          turn on hinting (although error and warning messages are
          still automatically enabled).

	- fixed bug in Text::Balanced. Division now correctly handled
	  in code blocks.

1.25  Mon Feb 09 12:19:14 EST 1998

	- Resynchronized numbering schemes for RecDescent and Balanced.

1.26 Wed Feb 25 13:52:15 EST 1998

	- Fixed bug (and inefficiency) in <resync:pattern> directive.

	- Improved checking of regexes within grammars 

	- Added subrule arguments (major change to internal grammar parser)

	- Added <matchrule:...> directive

	- started work on Compile() option (not complete yet - do not use!)

	- Made generated code "use strict"

	- Fixed bug which incorrectly warned against items
	  following a <error?> directive.

	- Improved $thisline (added assignment and resync)

	- Fixed expectation messages for subrules

	- Rearranged tar file to co-operate with

1.30	Fri May 22 05:52:06 1998

	- Added <rulevar> directive

	- Added culling of productions starting with <reject> or <rulevar>

	- Cleaned up and improved format (and speed) of tracing code

	- Added warning levels

	- Optimized generation of token separator checking code.

	- Fixed bug encountered when parsing a literal string

	- Added $::RD_AUTOACTION to simplify standard actions at the
	  end of each production