Revision history for Perl extension Parse::RecDescent.

1.00  Mon Aug 11 13:17:13 1997

	- original version

1.01  Mon Sep  8 18:04:14 EST 1997

	- changed "quotemeta" to "quotemeta $_" in Text::Balanced
	  to workaround bug in Perl 5.002 and 5.003

1.10  Tue Sep 30 14:51:49 EST 1997

	- fixed fatal bug in tracing code

	- added m<delim>...<delim> format for regex tokens

	- added support for trailing modifiers (/.../gimsox) in regex tokens

	- added $thisline variable

1.20  Thu Oct  2 11:46:57 EST 1997

	- fixed handling of trailing regex modifiers (now no whitespace allowed
	  before between last delimiter and first modifier)

	- added trace diagnostic for failure/success of actions
	  (demystifies failures caused by an action returning undef)

	- added context for "Matched rule..." trace

        - added a test so that an integer value (N>1) in the
          $::RD_TRACE variable now truncates (to N characters) all
          contexts reported in any trace

	- added "start-up" actions: actions appearing before the first rule
          were previously an error. They are now executed (once) at
          the start of the parser's namespace.

1.21  Sat Oct  4 17:12:23 EST 1997

	- modified truncation of context in trace diagnostics (successful
	  matches now report first N/2 and last N/2 chars, instead of first N)

	- fixed incorrect version number in

1.22  Tue Oct  7 11:53:27 EST 1997

	- fixed lurking trace problem with certain pathological regexes

	- fixed bug in generation of special namespaces (this was serious
	  as it prevented the use of more than one alternation in a parser,
	  as well as preventing the use of more than one parser in a script!

1.23  Fri Oct 17 10:15:22 EST 1997

	- fixed error message generation for <error?:msg> directives

	- fixed error message handling of empty productions

	- fixed handling of multi-line start-up actions

	- removed spurious debugging message for implicit subrule generation

	- changed naming scheme for alternations (pseudo-rule's name now
	  describes location of alternation exactly)

	- added support for repetition specifiers on alternations.

	- Text::Balanced::extract_.... altered to honour the context in
	  which they are called (see Balanced.pod for details).

	- fixed minor problem in tracing code (context string now correctly
	  reported for actions)

	- added explicit namespace declaration at beginning of generated
	  code, to ensure that any "start code" is declared in the
	  appropriate namespace.

	- fixed left recursion check on empty productions

	- added $::RD_AUTOSTUB flag and associated autostubbing behaviour
	  (see new section - "Autostubbing" - in RecDescent.pod)

	- eliminated hierarchical precedence between $::RD_HINT and 
          $::RD_TRACE. Enabling tracing now does _not_ automatically
          turn on hinting (although error and warning messages are
          still automatically enabled).

	- fixed bug in Text::Balanced. Division now correctly handled
	  in code blocks.

1.25  Mon Feb 09 12:19:14 EST 1998

	- Resynchronized numbering schemes for RecDescent and Balanced.

1.26 Wed Feb 25 13:52:15 EST 1998

	- Fixed bug (and inefficiency) in <resync:pattern> directive.

	- Improved checking of regexes within grammars 

	- Added subrule arguments (major change to internal grammar parser)

	- Added <matchrule:...> directive

	- started work on Compile() option (not complete yet - do not use!)

	- Made generated code "use strict"

	- Fixed bug which incorrectly warned against items
	  following a <error?> directive.

	- Improved $thisline (added assignment and resync)

	- Fixed expectation messages for subrules

	- Rearranged tar file to co-operate with

1.30	Fri May 22 05:52:06 1998

	- Added <rulevar> directive

	- Added culling of productions starting with <reject> or <rulevar>

	- Cleaned up and improved format (and speed) of tracing code

	- Added warning levels

	- Optimized generation of token separator checking code.

	- Fixed bug encountered when parsing a literal string

	- Added $::RD_AUTOACTION to simplify standard actions at the
	  end of each production

1.31	Fri May 22 06:11:26 1998

	- Fixed bug in naming archive file

1.33	Fri May 22 06:15:26 1998

1.35	Wed Jun 24 09:57:02 1998

	- Removed "foreach my $var ( @list )" constructs,
	  which were biting users with perl 5.003 and earlier.

	- Fixed bug calling &Parse::RecDescent::toksepcode
	  instead of &Parse::RecDescent::Rule::toksepcode

	- Changed grammar so that colons in rule definitions
	  must appear on the same line as the rule name
	  (as documented). Added an explicit error message
	  when this is not the case.

	- Added $thiscolumn, which indicates the current 
	  column at any point in the parse.

	- Added $thisoffset, which indicates the absolute
	  position in the original text string at any
	  point in the parse.

	- Added $prevline and $prevcolumn, which indicate
	  line and column of the last char of the last
	  successfully matched item.

	- Added @itempos which provides:


	  corresponding to each $item[$n].
	  See new documentation.

	- Several trivial lexical changes to make xemacs happy