Revision history for Parse-RecDescent

1.00  Mon Aug 11 13:17:13 1997

    - original version

1.01  Mon Sep  8 18:04:14 EST 1997

    - changed "quotemeta" to "quotemeta $_" in Text::Balanced
      to workaround bug in Perl 5.002 and 5.003

1.10  Tue Sep 30 14:51:49 EST 1997

    - fixed fatal bug in tracing code

    - added m<delim>...<delim> format for regex tokens

    - added support for trailing modifiers (/.../gimsox) in regex tokens

    - added $thisline variable

1.20  Thu Oct  2 11:46:57 EST 1997

    - fixed handling of trailing regex modifiers (now no whitespace allowed
      before between last delimiter and first modifier)

    - added trace diagnostic for failure/success of actions
      (demystifies failures caused by an action returning undef)

    - added context for "Matched rule..." trace

        - added a test so that an integer value (N>1) in the
          $::RD_TRACE variable now truncates (to N characters) all
          contexts reported in any trace

    - added "start-up" actions: actions appearing before the first rule
          were previously an error. They are now executed (once) at
          the start of the parser's namespace.

1.21  Sat Oct  4 17:12:23 EST 1997

    - modified truncation of context in trace diagnostics (successful
      matches now report first N/2 and last N/2 chars, instead of first N)

    - fixed incorrect version number in

1.22  Tue Oct  7 11:53:27 EST 1997

    - fixed lurking trace problem with certain pathological regexes

    - fixed bug in generation of special namespaces (this was serious
      as it prevented the use of more than one alternation in a parser,
      as well as preventing the use of more than one parser in a script!

1.23  Fri Oct 17 10:15:22 EST 1997

    - fixed error message generation for <error?:msg> directives

    - fixed error message handling of empty productions

    - fixed handling of multi-line start-up actions

    - removed spurious debugging message for implicit subrule generation

    - changed naming scheme for alternations (pseudo-rule's name now
      describes location of alternation exactly)

    - added support for repetition specifiers on alternations.

    - Text::Balanced::extract_.... altered to honour the context in
      which they are called (see Balanced.pod for details).

    - fixed minor problem in tracing code (context string now correctly
      reported for actions)

    - added explicit namespace declaration at beginning of generated
      code, to ensure that any "start code" is declared in the
      appropriate namespace.

    - fixed left recursion check on empty productions

    - added $::RD_AUTOSTUB flag and associated autostubbing behaviour
      (see new section - "Autostubbing" - in RecDescent.pod)

    - eliminated hierarchical precedence between $::RD_HINT and
          $::RD_TRACE. Enabling tracing now does _not_ automatically
          turn on hinting (although error and warning messages are
          still automatically enabled).

    - fixed bug in Text::Balanced. Division now correctly handled
      in code blocks.

1.25  Mon Feb 09 12:19:14 EST 1998

    - Resynchronized numbering schemes for RecDescent and Balanced.

1.26 Wed Feb 25 13:52:15 EST 1998

    - Fixed bug (and inefficiency) in <resync:pattern> directive.

    - Improved checking of regexes within grammars

    - Added subrule arguments (major change to internal grammar parser)

    - Added <matchrule:...> directive

    - started work on Compile() option (not complete yet - do not use!)

    - Made generated code "use strict"

    - Fixed bug which incorrectly warned against items
      following a <error?> directive.

    - Improved $thisline (added assignment and resync)

    - Fixed expectation messages for subrules

    - Rearranged tar file to co-operate with

1.30    Fri May 22 05:52:06 1998

    - Added <rulevar> directive

    - Added culling of productions starting with <reject> or <rulevar>

    - Cleaned up and improved format (and speed) of tracing code

    - Added warning levels

    - Optimized generation of token separator checking code.

    - Fixed bug encountered when parsing a literal string

    - Added $::RD_AUTOACTION to simplify standard actions at the
      end of each production

1.31    Fri May 22 06:11:26 1998

    - Fixed bug in naming archive file

1.33    Fri May 22 06:15:26 1998

1.35    Wed Jun 24 09:57:02 1998

    - Removed "foreach my $var ( @list )" constructs,
      which were biting users with perl 5.003 and earlier.

    - Fixed bug calling &Parse::RecDescent::toksepcode
      instead of &Parse::RecDescent::Rule::toksepcode

    - Changed grammar so that colons in rule definitions
      must appear on the same line as the rule name
      (as documented). Added an explicit error message
      when this is not the case.

    - Added $thiscolumn, which indicates the current
      column at any point in the parse.

    - Added $thisoffset, which indicates the absolute
      position in the original text string at any
      point in the parse.

    - Added $prevline and $prevcolumn, which indicate
      line and column of the last char of the last
      successfully matched item.

    - Added @itempos which provides:


      corresponding to each $item[$n].
      See new documentation.

    - Several trivial lexical changes to make xemacs happy

1.41    Mon Aug 10 14:52:53 1998

    - Enhanced POD in response to user feedback

    - Fixed subtle bug in Text::Balanced::extract_codeblock.
      It only bit when '(?)' appeared in implicit subrules

    - Added ability to pass args to the start-rule.

1.42    ????

    - Added a

    - Modified behaviour of repetitions, so that the results
          of repeated subrules which succeed but don't consume are
          preserved (at least up to the minimal number of repetitions)

    - Fixed bug: @itempos now not incorrectly reset if grammar
             contained alternations

    - Fixed bug: Embedded unmatched '}' in regex tokens now works

    - Miscellaneous tweaks to RecDescent.pod (e.g. updated meta-grammar)

1.43    Sat Aug 15 06:43:46 1998

    - Resychronized versions

1.50    Thu Aug 27 09:29:31 1998

    - Changed <rulevar:...> parser to use extract_codeblock, so as to
      handle embedded '>' chars (e.g. <rulevar: $tmp = $self->{tmp}> )

    - Added <defer:...> to allow deferred actions which are
      only executed if they are part of a rule that eventually succeeds.
      (see the new section under "Directives" in RecDescent.pod)

    - Fixed matching interpolated literals (was broken when literal
      contained pattern metacharacters)

1.51    Thu Aug 27 16:25:08 1998

    - Maintenance release, rectifying bad soft links in the 1.50

1.60    Wed Oct 21 09:44:15 1998

    [Never released]

1.61    Wed Oct 21 11:06:19 1998

    - Added <token:...> directive for supporting (future) token-stream
      parsing (see pod)

    - Added feature that data is consumed if passed as a reference
      (see pod)

    - Fixed bug in autogenerated errors: now ignores directives

    - Modified behaviour of <defer> directive so that deferred
      actions only executed if total parse succeeds (i.e. returns
      a defined value)

    - Made error messages "anti-deferred". That is, only those
      errors invoked in paths that eventually caused a parse
      to fail are printed - see documentation.

    - Miscellaneous fixes for Text::Balanced subroutines

    - Made private namespaces inherit Parse::RecDescent namespace
      (leads to more intuitive behaviour when calling methods
       of $thisparser)

      Changed the behaviour of token separator specification.
      Now uses <skip:...> directive. See pod for new details.

1.62    Wed Dec  9 11:26:29 1998

    - Reinstated missing $prevoffset variable

    - Corrected a possible bug with autoactions (thanks Mitchell)

    - *** IMPORTANT CHANGE ***
          $::RD_WARN now initialized 3 by default. Serious but
          non-fatal errors are automatically reported, unless you
          explicitly undefine $::RD_WARN.

    - Fixed bug in AUTOLOADing non-method subs defined in
      package Parse::RecDescent (thanks Mario)

1.63    Thu Mar 25 09:13:21 1999

    - Rewrote documentation to replace the concept of a
      token separator with that of a token prefix.

    - Fixed obscure bug in replacement of rules containing
      implicit subrules (alternations). Thanks Craig.

1.64    Sun Mar 28 05:44:14 1999

    - Synchronized with Text::Balanced version

    - Fixed obscure bug in the treatment of escaped backslashes
      in literal tokens. Thanks Matthew.

1.65    Wed May 19 12:35:05 1999

    - Added <leftop:...> and <rightop:...> directives

    - Added level 2 warning and autoreject for lone <error?>
      directive in a production.

1.66    Fri Jul  2 13:35:06 1999

    - Improved error message when an action fails to parse
      (Thanks Tuomas).

    - Allowed predefined subroutines in package Parse::RecDescent
      to be used as rules in grammars

    - Changed error report on bad regexes to level 3 warning, since
      compile-time interpolation failure may falsely invalidate
      regexes that would work at run-time.

1.70    Fri Oct  8 14:15:36 1999

    - Clarified use of "eofile" idiom in POD file
      Clarified meaning of "free-form" in description of grammars
      Fixed <resync> examples, which were invalidated by
      earlier change in semantics of <error>. (Thanks Knut).

    - Added grammar precompiler (see documentation)

    - Tweaked message for <reject> optimization.

    - Fixed bug when using '@' as a terminal (thanks Abigail)

    - Fixed nasty bug when $return set to zero

    - Added <score> and <autoscore> directives (see documentation)

1.77    Mon Nov 22 06:11:32 1999

    - IMPORTANT: Now requires 5.005 or better.

    - Added <perl_quotelike>, <perl_codeblock>, and <perl_variable>
      directives (see documentation)

    - Added <autotree> directive (see documentation)

    - Added %item hash (see documentation - thanks Stef!)

    - Tweaked internal parser in line with changes to Text::Balanced

    - Added <nocheck> directive to switch off recursion checking and
      other checks in stable grammars (see documentation).

    - Refined code generation WRT positional variables ($thisoffset, etc)

    - Added positional entries for %item (see documentation)

    - Fixed bug with (missing) start actions under precompiler (thanks Theo)

1.78    Mon Mar 20 12:03:17 2000

        - Fixed error messages and documentation for
          Parse::RecDescent::Precompile (thanks Jim)

        - Moved demos to /demo subdirectory

        - Added tutorial in /tutorial subdirectory

        - Added <autotree> directive

    - Added (s /sep/) notation (thanks Greg)

    - Circumvented \G and /gc calamities

        - Added more comprehensible error message when parser invoked
          through non-existent startrule (thanks Jeff)

    - Fixed serious bug with creating new parsers after existing
      ones had failed. (Thanks Paul)

    - Fixed problem with nested implicit subrules (thanks Marc).

1.79    Mon Aug 21 11:27:39 2000

    - Pod tweak (thanks Abigail)

    - Documented need to use do{..} within some <reject:...>
      directives (thanks Paul)

    - Added Save method

    - Fixed bug that was preventing precompiled parsers being
      subsequently extended (thanks Jeff).

    - Changed keys used by %item. Now uses "named positionals"
      rather that simple positionals for non-subrule items
      (see documentation)

    - Added trimmer for surrounding whitespace in matchrules.

    - Squelched bug in (not) handling invalid directives (thanks John)

1.80    Sat Jan 20 05:02:35 2001

    - Fixed Save so that saved parsers can still be used after saving
      (thanks Supun)

    - Fixed bug in line number tracking (thanks Theo)

    - Fixed bug in (s /pat/) shorthand (thanks Julien)

    - Improved docs on <rulevar> (thanks Steve)

1.90    Tue Mar 25 01:17:38 2003

    - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The key of an %item entry for
      a repeated subrule now includes the repetition specifier.
      For example, in:

        sentence: subject verb word(s)

      the various matched items will be stored in $item{'subject'},
      $item{'verb'}, and $item{'word(s)'} (i.e. *not* in $item{'word'},
      as it would have been in previous versions of the module).
      (thanks Anthony)

    - Changed argument passing behaviour. If no arguments specified
      for subrule, it is now passed current rule's @arg instead. To
      get old (no arguments) behaviour use: subrule[]

    - Fixed bug in <reject> handling: failed to reject if $return
      had been set. (thanks Nick)

    - Added two useful demos of restructuring nested data (thanks Marc)

    - Fixed doc bug re use of // (thanks Randal)

    - Localized filehandles, like a good citizen should

    - Misc doc bug fixes (thanks all)

    - Fixed Text::Balance dependency in Makefile.PL (thanks Dominique)

    - Fixed bug that @itempos wasn't set up if referred to only in
      an autoaction. (thanks Eric)

    - Fixed truncation bug in tracing contexts

    - Dramatically improved speed of line counting (thanks John)

    - Made item(s) and item(s /,/) behave consistently wrt %item
      (thanks Marcel)

    - Added prototype <autorule:...> handling

    - Added outer block markers for <perl_codeblock>

    - Fixed multi-grammar precompilation (thanks Dominique)

    - Fixed numerous snafus in tutorial.html (thanks Ralph)

    - Added nesting level information to traces

    - Fixed resetting of $text after an <uncommit> rule.

1.91    Fri Mar 28 23:20:28 2003

    - Updated Text::Balanced to fix various bugs

1.92    Wed Apr  2 04:45:37 2003

    - Removed Text::Balanced from distribution (now a prereq only)

1.93    Wed Apr  2 22:25:14 2003

    - Fixed fatal error with $tracelevel (thanks everyone)

1.94    Wed Apr  9 08:29:33 2003

    - Replaced 'our' with 'use vars' to reinstate 5.005 compatibility.

1.95.1  Sun Sep 30 05:06:56 2007

    - Updated README to reflect new status of Text::Balanced
      (i.e. required but not included in the distribution)

    - Fixed demo_logic (Thanks, Steve)

    - Fixed autopropagation of arguments into repetitions (Thanks, Luke)

    - Limited context info to 500 chars in traces (Thanks, Stephen)

    - Added option to select base namespace for autotreeing (thanks Gaal)

    - Improved formatting compatibility with 5.9.0 (thanks, David)

    - Added support for $::RD_HINT = 0 to turn off hinting entirely

    - Fixed bug in line handling

    - Returned $return variable to documented behaviour
      (i.e. setting return doesn't guarantee the match, only what is
            returned if the match succeeds)

    - Fixed nit in debugging of conditional regexes (thanks, Brian)

    - Moved expectation creation to compile-time (thanks Fran├žois)

    - Removed redundant inheritances (i.e. @ISA elements)
      in internal namespace (thanks Hugo)

    - Added warning against C<return> in actions to "GOTCHAS" documentation

    - Added (thanks Hendrik)

    - Documented parens (thanks Robin)

    - Removed incorrect meta-grammar from docs

1.96.0  Fri Oct  3 06:08:24 2008

    - Propagated correct Changes file (thanks Matthew!)

    - Added: <warn> <hint> <trace_build> <trace_parse> <nocheck>


1.962.0  Tue Aug 25 19:45:15 2009

    - Doc bug fix (thanks Christophe)

    - Fixed assymmetrical push/pop on @lines tracker (thanks Peter!)

    - Bumped sub-version number hugely to fix CPAN indexing (thanks Jerome)

    - Remove all occurrences of $& so we don't affect other regular expressions.

    - Perl 5.6.0 required for use of $+[0] and $-[0] for replacement of $&.

1.962.1  Thu Aug 27 21:39:30 2009

    - Fixed subtle bug in leftop and rightop caused by removal of $&

1.963  Thu Jan 21 09:13:19 2010

    - Fixed even subtler bug in leftop and rightop caused by removal of $&
      (Thanks Francesco)

1.964  Wed Feb 17 09:33:39 2010

    - Fixed bug with undefined $1 when parsing literals (thanks Dan!)

    - Fixed premature namespace destruction bug with compiled grammars

1.964001  Tue Feb 23 15:15:18 2010

    - Updated version number because versioning is a neverending
      nightmare in Perl 5 (thanks Matt)

1.965001  Sun Apr  4 15:00:10 2010

    - Removed all references to /opts version of perl interpreter

    - Added Parse::RecDescent::redirect_reporting_to()
      to enable ERROR, TRACE, and TRACECONTEXT filehandles to be
      easily redirected.

1.966_000  Mon Jun 27 08:32:50 2011

    - Patched unnamed subrules, so that they actual fail when
      not correctly specified (thanks Evgeniy!)

    - Added skip tests (thanks Flavio)

    - Added doc patch to make $skip semantics clearer (thanks Flavio!)

    - Fixed POD description of <rightop:...> semantics (thanks Dirk!)