2008-12-23  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.633

	* lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm : Added -allow_empty parameter so
	starting a configuration from scratch can be allowed by
	configuration model designer. No longer die if 'augeas'
	backend (or any other optional backend) is not found. Just emit a

2008-12-16  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.632

	* config-edit: added -backend parameter so (advanced) user can
	specify which read/write backend to use. The actual backed to use
	depends on the model loaded with -model option

2008-11-16  Domi  <domi@bilbo.maison>

	* lib/Config/Model/Instance.pm (write_back): Added backend
	parameter to specify which backend to use to write. By default,
	all backend are tried until one succeeds. This parameter can also
	be specified when calling the constructor

2008-11-10  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.631

	* lib/Config/Model/Value.pm (_pre_fetch): removed dependency on Error

	* lib/Config/Model/WizardHelper.pm : removed dependency on Error

	* lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm (auto_write_init): Move Augeas
	read/write feature out of Config::Model. This feature is now
	available in an additional class: Config::Model::Backend::Augeas.
	This class is distributed in its own Perl distribution.

2008-10-29  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com>

	* lib/Config/Model/Dumper.pm (dump_tree): No longer dump list
	elements that contain only undef values. No longer dump node that
	do not contain data.

2008-10-21  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.630

	* t/augeas_backend.t: Skip sshd_config tests if Augeas library <= 0.3.1

2008-10-13  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.629

	* lib/Config/Model/CheckList.pm (set_properties): Added ordered
	parameter to checklist. Ordered checklist feature is required by
	Ssh model for Ciphers list (see Config::Model::OpenSsh).

2008-10-01  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com>

	* lib/Config/Model/AnyId.pm (get_cargo_info): New method

2008-09-29  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.628

	* lib/Config/Model.pm: Allow include of read or write config
	parameters (required by Xorg model)

2008-09-23  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.627

	* ChangeLog: I plainly forgot to update this file for v0.626. This
	is fixed now.
2008-09-22  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.626

	* lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm (read_augeas): Lot of bug fix to
	read and write through Augeas. Now, lens containing 'seq' lenses
	must be explicitely declared.

2008-07-31  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com>

	* lib/Config/Model/Value.pm (migrate_value): No longer fails when
	a migrated value is also a mandatory value.

	* lib/Config/Model.pm (create_config_class): No longer creates
	empty include in model when skip_include is true (breaks
	Config::Itself tests)

2008-07-30  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.625

	* lib/Config/Model/ListId.pm (swap): Swapped or moved values in a
	list no longer provides wrong location in config
	tree. (index_value were not updated in objects contained in List
	after a swap or a move)

2008-07-24  Dominique Dumont   v0.624

	* lib/Config/Model/Value.pm and others: Modified to allow smooth
	configuration data upgrades without requiring user input (if used
	by packaging, this should really help in avoiding rpmsave or
	dpkg-old files) (See migrate_from parameter)

	* lib/Config/Model/ValueComputer.pm: added 'use_eval' parameter to
	allow more complex computation like regexp in string or uniline
2008-07-18  Dominique Dumont

	* lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm: Major changes to interface
	Config::Model with Augeas (http://augeas.net). Changes are
	compatible but new warnings are issued:
	- 'syntax' is replaced by 'backend' to indicate that permanent
	  storage of configuration data is more than a matter of writing 
	  a configuration file.
	- introduced 'config_dir' and 'root' paramater so a backend can 
	  specify a configuration dir (e.g. /etc/foo) and a pseudo-root 
	  to perform tests (so the config file can land in my_root/etc/foo).

	* lib/Config/Model/Dumper.pm (new): skip_auto_write now take a
	storage backend name as a parameter instead of a boolean (See
	AutoRead for explanations about backends)

	* lib/Config/Model/Node.pm (set): New method to emulate (part of)
	augeas API
	(get): New method to emulate (part of) augeas API

	* lib/Config/Model/Loader.pm (): Added load command '~' which was
	forgotten. This command can delete hash or list
	item. I.e. load("foo~") will delete element 'a' for hash 'foo'
	(_load_list): command '=' now clear all values before storing the
	set of values in the list.

	* lib/Config/Model/AnyId.pm (clear_values): New method to clear
	values without destroying underlying objects.
	(set): New method to emulate (part of) augeas API
	(get): New method to emulate (part of) augeas API

2008-06-20  Dominique Dumont 

	* lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm: Changed 'syntax' paramter to
	'backend' as configuration data may be stored to files or through
	dedicated libraries like Augeas, gconf ... Backend now can be
	cds_file, perl_file, ini_file and custom

2008-05-19  Dominique Dumont v0.623

	* Build.PL: Moved from Makefile.PL to Build.PL

2008-05-18  Dominique Dumont 

	* lib/Config/Model/CheckList.pm: added support for built_in
	default list

2008-05-17  Dominique Dumont 

	* lib/Config/Model/SimpleUI.pm: Some cleanup. Added possibility to
	add and element name to 'll' command

2008-05-15  Dominique Dumont 

	* config-edit: added "dev" and "experience" options. With "dev"
	option, config-edit will add "lib" to @INC and look for models in

2008-05-14  Dominique Dumont 

	* lib/Config/Model/Node.pm (fetch_element): Bails out if element
	is hidden (this feature was forgotten)

2008-05-09  Dominique Dumont 

	* lib/Config/Model/Value.pm (submit_to_compute): Fix bug where a
	compute variable in the form 'foo' => '- - &element' did not work
	(new): allow_compute_override is deprecated in favor of
	allow_override within the compute parameter (backward compatible

2008-05-07  Dominique Dumont 

	* lib/Config/Model/AnyThing.pm (dump_as_data): dump_as_data can
	now be called on all configuration elements. (before, it could
	only be called on nodes)

2008-05-02  Domi  <domi@bilbo.maison>

	* lib/Config/Model/AutoRead.pm: Changed the way to specify auto
	read and write for better clarity. Now they must be specified with
	   read_config => [ { syntax => 'ini'},
	                    { syntax => 'custom', 
	                      class => 'Mine',
	instead of 
	   read_config => [ 'ini', { class => 'Mine',function=>'my_read'}]
	likewise for write_config

2008-05-01  Domi  <domi@bilbo.maison>

	* lib/Config/Model.pm: Changed 'permission' to 'experience' and
	'intermediate' to 'beginner' for better clarify. Changes are
	backward compatible.

2008-04-29  Dominique Dumont 

	* lib/Config/Model/HashId.pm (move): New method to take into
	account move within ordered hash

	* lib/Config/Model/WarpedThing.pm (compute_bool): warp rule no
	longer fail with eval $foo == 1 when $foo is undef

2008-04-18  Dominique Dumont v0.622

	* Value.pm (fetch): added 'allow_undef' mode to allow reading
	undefined mandatory value (fix morphing warped node containing
	undefined mandatory values)

	* Node.pm (copy_from): No longer die when copying undefined
	mandatory value.

2008-04-16  Dominique Dumont 

	* AutoRead.pm (get_cfg_file_name): Do not use ':' in file
	names. This breaks windows. Now use sub-directories

2008-04-15  Dominique Dumont 

	* Dumper.pm (dump_tree): skip undefined values in list element

	* DumpAsData.pm (dump_as_data): idem

2008-04-14  Dominique Dumont 

	* Model.pm (list_class_element): New method to help debugging of
	configuration models

2008-04-13  Dominique Dumont 

	* Model.pm (include_class): allow multiple includes

2008-04-11  Dominique Dumont 

	* AnyId.pm: Changed the way the cargo parameter are specified. Now
	the cargo parameter holds all the information related to the
	payload of the hash or list. Instead of having :
	cargo_type => ... , cargo_args => {}, config_class_name => ...
	you now have:
	cargo => { type => ..., config_class_name => ..., <other_parm> => ... }
	Model.pm provides a translation from the old way to the new way so
	this change is (95%) backward compatible.
2008-04-08  Dominique Dumont 

	* CheckList.pm (set): Fix bug that prevented to use level or
	permission or status parameter with check_list elements

2008-04-05  Domi  <domi@bilbo.maison>

	* Value.pm (pre_store): Fix bug that prevented to load models with
	errors even in tolerant mode.

2008-04-03  Dominique Dumont  0.621

	* Dumper.pm (dump_tree): Added auto_vivify parameter

	* DumpAsData.pm (dump_as_data): By default, now provide full
	dump (with default values). Added auto_vivify parameter

	* Value.pm (fetch): Check for mandatory values even if fetching
	only custom values

2008-04-02  Dominique Dumont  

	* Value.pm (): Cannot warp value_type anymore (this feature was
	hard to use and encouraged too complex model).

2008-03-28  Dominique Dumont  

	* HashId.pm (swap): Fix swap problem which led to duplicated keys
	in ordered hash
	(move_after): New method

2008-03-22  Domi  <domi@bilbo.maison> 

	* ListId.pm (swap): new method
	(remove): New method, equivalent to splice (@list,$idx,1)

2008-03-20  Dominique Dumont  v0.6201

	* Makefile.PL: Removed dependency on Term::ReadLine::Gnu. This module
	is just suggested (as well as Term::ReadLine::Perl)

2008-03-18  Dominique Dumont  v0.620

	* TermUI.pm: Fixed to work with Term::ReadLine::Gnu or
	Term::ReadLine::Perl. Can also work in degraded mode without these
	2 modules. 
	The command handling part was moved to SimpleUI.pm

	* config-edit: added Simple UI mode so config-edit can be used
	with stdin and stdout

2008-02-29  Dominique Dumont  v0.619

	* Value.pm: removed kludgy enum_integer value type 

2008-02-27  Dominique Dumont  

	* Instance.pm (write_back): can override directory where config
	data is written back (necessary for GUI menu like "save in dir

2008-02-26  Dominique Dumont  

	* Node.pm (get_help): do not mangle description text (don't remove
	spurious \s and \n. Leave that to user)

2008-02-12  Dominique Dumont  v0.618

	* AnyThing.pm (composite_name): new method to return a name
	like element:index or element.

2008-02-08  Dominique Dumont  

	* CheckList.pm (): added refer_to and computed_refer_to accessors 

2008-01-28  Dominique Dumont v0.617

	* config-edit: added possibility to load Tk GUI (still under

	* Exception.pm (): Fixed misleading error message for
	UnavailableElement exception

2008-01-25  Dominique Dumont  

	* Value.pm (): added "replace" parameter for enum Value. This
	enables to specify a substitution when storing value.

2008-01-23  Dominique Dumont  

	* WarpedNode.pm (check): no longer die when trying to retrieve
	warped out node, just return undef. This is necessary to be able
	to load configuration files with important error (e.g. a xorg.conf
	file with a wrong device driver: all driver option are no longer

	* Value.pm (check): Added doc for check.  

	* ObjTreeScanner.pm (permission): new method to get or set the
	permission of the scanner (after creation).

2007-12-04  Dominique Dumont  v0.616

	* AutoRead.pm (read_ini): added capability to read configuration
	data from ini file (See Config::Tiny)
	(write_ini): can use ini files to store configuration data
	(read_perl): added capability to read configuration data from a
	perl data structure (see Config::Model::DumpAsData) from a .pl
	(write_perl): can use perl file to store configuration data (.pl
	(auto_read_init): configuration model can specify cds (dump string
	see Config::Model::Dumper), perl or ini with 'read_config' and
	'write_config' parameter.

2007-11-15  Dominique Dumont  v0.615

	* config-edit: added '-force-load' option to load erroneous
	configuration data. bad data is discarded.

	* Value.pm : handle 'preset' mode to store values
	(fetch):accept mode parameter ( [ custom | preset |
	standard | default | non_built_in ] )

	* Loader.pm (_load_list): When loading list, empty value are
	considered as undef values. I.e 'list_a=a,,"",d' will
	load ('a',undef,'','d') to lista element

	* Instance.pm (new): added 'force_load' parameter to load
	erronueus configuration data. In this case, wrong data will be
	(preset_start): new. Use this method, then load configuration data
	that will be used as "preset data". You can use this feature to
	load data discovered by an automatic mechanism, like hardware
	(preset_stop): new. Stop preset mode. Then all data entered will
	be considered as 'custom' data. These custom data can be compared
	to 'default' or 'preset' data for audit purpose
	(preset): new. Query if the instance is in 'preset' mode.

	* Dumper.pm (dump_tree): changed 'full_dump' parameter (0|1) to 
	'mode' (full | preset)
	(dump_tree): if a list contain undef values, they are dumped as
	a_list=a,b,,d. Empty values are dumped as a_list=a,b,"",d

	* CheckList.pm (store): work in preset mode
	(set_checked_list_as_hash): accept a mode parameter ([ custom |
	preset | standard | default ]) to be able to audit config data
	(fetch): idem

2007-10-19  Dominique Dumont v0.614

	* Value.pm: added 'uniline' value type for string with no embedded
	newline. (no "\n")

2007-10-11  Dominique Dumont

	* Model.pm (translate_id_names): new method to translate AnyId
	parameter changes

	* AnyId.pm: Changed some parameters: follow -> follow_keys,
	allow -> allow_keys, allow_from -> allow_keys_from

2007-10-09  Dominique Dumont

	* Model.pm (translate_id_default_info): provides backward
	compatibility for AnyId parameter changes.

	* AnyId.pm: default parameter is replaced by 'default_keys' and

2007-09-25  Dominique Dumont  v0.613

	* IdElementReference.pm: Changes the API of IdElementReference so
	that API is more explicit (Like the API change for
	ValueComputer). This change is backward compatible (model

2007-09-20  Dominique Dumont  

	* ValueComputer.pm: Now compute paramater must use explicit
	parameters for compute formula, variables and replace.  Backward
	compatibility is kept by translating old compute declaration in
2007-09-17  Dominique Dumont  

	* Model.pm (include_class): permission, level and description
	parameters can also be declared within the element declaration.
	(i.e. at the same level than 'type' )
	* IdElementReference.pm (): A reference to a list will now take
	into account the values of the list instead of the indexes of the
	list. This makes more sense...

	* CheckList.pm: Change the name of 'default' parameter to
         'default_list' ('default' is still accepted but is deprecated)

2007-09-06  Dominique Dumont  

	* WarpedNode.pm: improved synopsis in doc
	(load_data): new method (forgotten in 0.612)

	* Model.pm: -doc: added synopsis
	- inherit is deprecated in favor of include 
	- inherit_after is deprecated in favor of include_after
	- Raise an exception if an element is declared twice in a
	  model (even through include mechanism: overriding an
	  included element leads to confusion)

2007-07-26  Dominique Dumont  v0.612

	* HashId.pm : can preserve hash key order (when created with
	ordered => 1). New method to manipulate hash key order are swap,
	move_up, move_down.

	* Exception.pm :new error class  Config::Model::Exception::LoadData

	* AnyThing.pm (grab): added 'grab_non_available' parameter.

	* AnyId.pm: added "ordered" parameter to create ordered hash
	elements. I.e. hashes where the order of the keys is kept (like

2007-07-18  Dominique Dumont  

	* Value.pm (load_data): new method

	* Node.pm (load_data): new method
	(dump_as_data): new method 

	* Model.pm (inherit_class): added inherit_after parameter. In a
	model, the order of the elements is important. This parameter
	enable a model to inherit elements from another class and to place
	them in a specific place among the original elements.
	(load): returns the names of the class loaded by this method.

	* ListId.pm (load_data): new method

	* HashId.pm (load_data): new method

	* CheckList.pm (load_data): new method

2007-07-03  Dominique Dumont  v0.611

	* WarpedThing.pm: Modified the way to specify complex warped
	rules. The former way based on list of lists was confusing. Now
	you can specify boolean expressions to find the warp rule to apply.
	* Model.pm: Simplified config class inheritance mechanism: inherit
	all or nothing. Added translation of legacy warp parameter (based
	on list of lists) to new warp parameters (based on boolean
	expressions). So the change done in WarpedThing is backward
2007-06-06  Dominique Dumont v0.610

	* Model.pm (inherit_class): Fix configuration class inheritance

2007-06-04  Dominique Dumont  

	* Value.pm: can also warp help for enum value

2007-05-09  Dominique Dumont   v0.609

	* config-edit: renamed from config-model

2007-05-07  Dominique Dumont  

	* examples/fstab/fstab_test.pl (produce_fstab): added curses
	interface example (need to install Config::Model::CursesUI to

2007-05-04  Dominique Dumont  

	* config-model: added possibility to use the curses interface
	provided by Config::Model::CursesUI (if this one is installed)

	* ValueComputer.pm: Modified so compute may return an undef value
	if one of the variable (extracted from the configuration data) of
	the formula is undefined. In other word, propagate undef instead
	of croaking.

	* Searcher.pm: Lots of bug fixes
	(get_searchable_elements): new method
	(prepare): new method. Search is now done in 3 moves: create the
	searcher object, prepare the search, and run the search

	* Value.pm: removed unique_value parameter which was a bad idea
	for a check list implementation. Moved reference handling into new
	IdElementReference class

	* IdElementReference.pm: New class extracted from Value object so
	reference can be used also by CheckList

	* CheckList.pm: re-wrote as a "check_list" type and not a "list"

2007-04-27  Dominique Dumont  

	* Instance.pm (reset_config): new method
	(searcher): renamed search_element to
	searcher. searcher retunrs a Config::Model::Searcher object.
	* AnyThing.pm (searcher): renamed search_element to
	searcher. searcher retunrs a Config::Model::Searcher object.

	* AnyId.pm (copy): new method to deep-copy the content of a hash
	or id element.

2007-04-13  Dominique Dumont  

	* Value.pm: moved out reference facility in

2007-03-16  Dominique Dumont  

	* Value.pm (fetch_no_check): new method

2007-02-23  Dominique Dumont  v0.608

	* ObjTreeScanner.pm: Clarified call-back names.

2007-01-12  Dominique Dumont  v0.607

	* t/term_ui.t: Changed tests to try to load Term::ReadLine and
	skip tests if Term::ReadLine cannot be loaded.

2007-01-11  Dominique Dumont  v0.606

	* config-model: Corrected wrong doc for options.

	* Describe.pm: Small cosmetic changes in output.

2007-01-08  Dominique Dumont  v0.605

	* config-model: Now uses Log::Log4perl. (Still need to use
	Log4perl for all *.pm files though). Now write config files back.
	Added option to read and write config in test directories.

	* *.pm: Changed e-mail address to reduce spam.

	* *.pm: Small bug and doc fixes.
2006-12-08  Dominique Dumont 

	* Model.pm (load): Model files are expected to be delivered as
	Perl module and are searched using @INC. (E.g. Xorg.pl model will
	be searched as Config/Model/models/Xorg.pl in @INC elements)

	* Exception.pm (full_message): Clarified error message of
	RestrictedElement exception

	* examples/fstab/fstab_test.pl: Clarified notifications shown to
	user. Adapted to changes of 0.604

2006-12-06  Dominique Dumont   v0.604

	* Node.pm: added check_list in possible element of a node.

	* Value.pm (set): Changed reference declaration: now value_type
	must be set to 'reference' when using 'refer_to' parameter.

	* WarpedThing.pm: can group rules declaration in warp argument to
	save typing

	* WizardHelper.pm: adapted for ObjTreeScanner changes

2006-12-05  Dominique Dumont  

	* ObjTreeScanner.pm: Modified the callback signature so the user
	does no longer have to play with closures.
	- added check_list_cb for CheckList elements
	- improved doc
	- added callback example in doc

	* AutoRead.pm (auto_write_init): bug fix in auto_write functions

	* AnyId.pm (new): New allow and allow_from parameters to set
	"allowed" keys of a hash or list. This list of allowed keys can be
	fixed or dynamic.

	* AnyThing.pm (root): new method. Returns the root node of the
	configuration tree.
	(grab): bug fix so hash identifier can contain white spaces when
	calling grab (e.g. InputDevice:"Configured Mouse")

	* CheckList.pm: New class to implement a check list. 

	* Describe.pm: adapted for ObjTreeScanner changes and new
	CheckList element type

	* Dumper.pm: idem

	* Report.pm: idem

2006-10-19  Dominique Dumont   v0.603

	* Value.pm (set): forbids to specify both 'refer_to' and
	'value_type' in value declaration

2006-10-11  Dominique Dumont  

	* Loader.pm (load): Accepts now to load configuration data where
	index can contain white space. (e.g. Monitor:"Hercules Pro")

	* AnyId.pm: changed 'element_args' to 'cargo_args'. Changed
	'element_class' to 'cargo_class'. Added 'follow' parameter so a
	hash key can mimic the keys of another hash in the configuration

	* TermUI.pm: removed debug print. This makes auto-completion much
	easier to understand ;-)

2006-09-26  Dominique Dumont  

	* Value.pm (set_default): added built_in default
	parameter. Built_in default parameter are not written in
	configuration files but can be used to audit configuration data.
	* AutoRead.pm (auto_read_init): bug fix: override of read_dir was
	not taken into account
	(auto_write_init): idem for write_dir

2006-09-22  Dominique Dumont  

	* Instance.pm: added doc for the possibility to specify where to
	read or write the configuration files.

2006-09-21  Dominique Dumont  

	* AnyId.pm (move): also change index value when moving items.

2006-09-07  Dominique Dumont   v0.602

	* config-model: added -help and -man options to command line

	* Model.pm (load): model file now must return an array ref and not
	invoke Model methods. See t/big_model.pm for an example
	(load): can load model file for model class that contain '::'. In
	this case the model file is searched in a sub-directory just like
	a perl class (E.g Model::Foo -> Model/Foo.pm)

	* HashId.pm (create_default): can initialise children nodes while
	creating default keys. (Necessary to be able to write a
	configuration model for Xorg)

	* AnyId.pm (move): new method

2006-07-20  Dominique Dumont   v0.601

	* config-model: new program. This programs can be invoked to
	modify configuration files (provided the corresponding model is
	available in /etc/config-model.d). (Still shaky. Don't run as

2006-07-19  Dominique Dumont  

	* Node.pm (get_type): new method
	(get_cargo_type): new method
	(get_element_name): added type and cargo_type parameters to filter
	returned element depending on their type or cargo (contained) type
	(describe): new method. Uses new Describe.pm file

	* Value.pm (get_type): new method
	(get_cargo_type): new method

2006-07-18  Dominique Dumont  

	* Model.pm (load): new method. Model can load model declaration
	from /etc/config-model.d. The model must be valid perl script that
	ends with an array ref containing configuraiton class declaration
	like the one accepted by create_config_class

	* ListId.pm (get_type): new method

	* HashId.pm (get_type): new method

	* Exception.pm : Added WrongType exception for new grab parameters

	* AnyThing.pm (get_type): New method
	(grab): added strict, autoadd, type parameter.

	* AnyId.pm (get_cargo_type): new method.
	(config_class_name): new mehtod

	* Describe.pm: New file. Provides a human readable description of
	a configuration node.

2006-06-15  Dominique Dumont   v0.507

	* TermUI.pm: New file. Provides a shell like interactive user

	* Node.pm: Now inherit AutoRead class

	* Instance.pm: Adapted for auto read/write.

2006-06-12  Dominique Dumont   

	* AutoRead.pm: New file. Provides node the capabilities to load
	config data when creating a configuration node.

2006-05-19  Dominique Dumont   v0.506

	* examples/fstab/FstabModel.pl: added Fstab example with its fstab
	configuration model. This example includes a small program that
	use this model to show some ways to extract configuration

2006-05-17  Dominique Dumont   

	* Report.pm: new file. Provides report and audit facility for

	* Node.pm (report): new method
	(audit): new method

	* Model.pm (create_config_class): added inheritance of
	configuration models.

	* HashId.pm (_get_all_indexes): sort returned indexes

	* Dumper.pm (dump_tree): fix list dump which did not work

	* AnyId.pm (fetch_all_values): new method

2006-04-21  Dominique Dumont   v0.505

	* WizardHelper.pm: New file. This class helps to create wizard
	widget for config models

	* Makefile.PL: ValueFormula is no longer compiled at build-time
	but on the fly at run-time. Hopefully this will fix Windows
	problem and ease integration downstream for a minor performance
	penalty at start time.

2006-04-10  Dominique Dumont   v0.504

	* Searcher.pm: Added search element feature. This feature provides
	a way to search for a configuration element in a configuration
	tree. The search can be launcher from an instance or any node of a
	configuration tree. Getting to searched target can be manual or
	automatic (with call-backs provided by user)

2006-03-21  Dominique Dumont  

	* Makefile.PL: Changed grammar pre-compilation to add a "1;" at
	the end of ValueFormulaParser.pm (Makes Windows happy)

2006-03-16  Dominique Dumont   v0.503

	* Makefile.PL (MY::postamble): Corrected CPAN dependencies