Revision history for Perl module WWW::APS

0.1 Thu Oct  2 11:09:05 2003
	- original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.32

0.2 Monday Oct 27 23:16 2003
	- Still some bugs but less. now uses Net::IP::Route::Reject .
	- squaashed bug in with regards to interface to HTTPD::Log::Filter
	- sockets approach to separating root/non-root is fragile. Considering rewrite
	- to make one program which runs as root , uses unnamed pipe and then forks.
0.3 Make things run again. 
0.4	Add testing for open proxy along with recording result of test in database.
	Since this code uses Class::Constructor and it was brain-damaged messing with the case of
	identifiers and the maintainer didn't fix his module in 3 months a corrected version of
	Class::Constructor is included in this distro. 
	Fixed up the tests to actually work.
0.5	HTTPD::Log::Filter sometimes sticks on the adjacent field " -". Add code to to clean this up.
	remove Class::Constructor, maintainer fixed it.

0.6	Performance improvement: move counting of events to the database backend through sql query using
	aggreate function COUNT(). Speeds look to be at worst 4x faster when there are events to analyze.
	Time in the database is supposed to be in Zulu (CUT) time. Dates from logfile are in time+tz format,
	add code to to convert the time to Zulu.
	New script: reads from multiple logfiles, using File::Tail, as input is ready.
0.7	Modify Build.PL to add scripts/ . search_first_error make sure that we get the first one, add ORDER BY "ts" to the SELECT.
0.7_1	Oops, forgot to add LIMIT 1 to sql of search_first_error and now we can use an array context
        confident that we are not wasting resources throwing extra records back to the application.