0.07_01 2017-04-20T16:59:45-0400


    * include SQL in output if sqlite driver can't create the table


    * install with no '.' in @INC for perl 5.25.11+

0.07	2015-01-21T14:50:25-0500

    * CPAN testers is all green!
    * bump version for stable release

0.06_01	2014-12-30T09:59:24-0500


    * correct incorrect bug URL (RT#101112)
    * fix test which triggered Perl warning under 5.21.X (RT#101113)

0.06	2014-12-23T17:26:07-0500

  * release as stable version

0.05_03 2014-06-18T09:58:58-0400


    * fix breakage on *BSD due to exclusive lock contention on temp
      SQLite file, (see File::Temp docs on EXLOCK). srezic++

0.05_02	2014-05-05T10:13:23-0400

    * specify minimum required version of Moo

0.05_01	2014-05-04T00:18:21-0400

    * specify minimum required version of Types::Standard

0.05	2014-05-02T15:51:19-0400


    * minor documentation fixes

0.04	2014-04-07T00:15:05-0400


    * new dbitrace parameter for DBI encoder

0.03	2014-03-25T21:02:15-0400


    * DBI drop_table option was broken

0.02	2014-03-22T16:46:43-0400


    * DBI writes are now written as batche in a transaction to improve

0.01	2014-03-18T15:19:58-0400

    * initial release