Revison History for App::Fetchware

1.005     2013-11-24 01:19:18 America/New_York
    * Another attempt at fixing the indexing being messed up. Turns out my
      dist.init is missing a [PkgVersion] directive. I use Pod::Weaver, so I
      probably removed it when I removed [PodVersion], but I should not have,
      because it is still needed.

1.004     2013-11-23 02:19:58 America/New_York
    * Attempt to fix bin/fetchware not properly being indexed again :)
      bin/fetchware was missing a shebang line. This has been fixed. Perhaps
      this is the snag preventing bin/fetchware from being indexed properly.

1.003     2013-11-23 01:42:54 America/New_York
    * Fix in 1.002 failed to fix bin/fetchware indexing. Going to try giving
      package fetchware; a blank line around itself maybe that will do the

1.002     2013-11-23 01:23:55 America/New_York
    * Fixed bin/fetchware not being properly indexed by PAUSE due to using both
      # PODNAME and a package fetchware; in the same file.

1.001     2013-11-23 00:31:02 America/New_York
    * Fixed numerous simple test failures reported automatically from CPAN
      * See: for listing
        of failed test reports. All of them failed :) Be sure to select the
        reports for version 1.00, which corresponds to the version of fetchware
        that was tested.
    * Replaced given/when with regular ifs due to 5.18 deprecation of given/when. 
      * RIP given/when and smartmatch and ~~. With any luck you'll be
        reincarnated soon.

1.000     2013-11-20 00:29:13 America/New_York
    * Initial release!