0.02_03 Wed Apr 11 2007
  - Packaging blunder. Add dep files for Throttle components

0.02_02 Wed Apr 11 2007
  - Add a gungho script
  - Add throttling. You can now throttle your requests by domain or
    simply by the number of requests in a specific amount of time.
    Providers are now expected to handle "pushback" of requests when
    a request has been throttled.
  - Internal change: Code path to send requests has changed from doing the control to Provider doing the control

0.02_01 Tue Apr 10 2007
  - Add experimental component system
    >>> NOTE <<< This is still subject to change *widely*
  - Add Gungho->has_feature(X)
  - Add WWW Authentication component -- now you can authenticate
    your requests via Basic authentication
  - Fix Gungho::Request->clone()
  - Gungho::Provider::Simple respects the is_running() flag

0.02 Mon Apr 09 2007
  - Fix stupid bug in Gungho::Request
  - Change the call syntax for G::Component->new(\%config) to 
    G::Component->(config => \%config, %other_args)
  - send_request() takes the context object as well
  - Implement plugins
  - Add G::Plugin::RequestTimer
  - Add deps features in Makefile.PL 

0.01 Sat 07 Apr 2007
  - handle_response() now take $request and $response all over
  - Add send_request() in, Gungho/Engine/
  - Add notes() in Gungho/ Cloning is properly handled

0.01_04 Sat 07 Apr 2007
  - Enable keepalive

0.01_03 Fri 06 Apr 2007
  - Fix embarassing documentation whoopla. As stated, no,
    I'm not ashamed of stealing good code. 

0.01_02 Fri 06 Apr 2007
  - Add a new provider and small set of changes so that we can
    use this in Plagger
  - Use Class::Inspector to check if a module has been loaded

0.01_01 Fri 06 Apr 2007 "It's right after YAPC" release
  - Alpha release.