Revision history for Perl extension Pickles

0.08 - 28 Jul 2011
    * Now die()ing from the app produces a useful stacktrace (aska)
    * Properly check for HTML::FillInForm before running tests that require it

0.07 - 13 Apr 2011
    * Use require() instead of do() to read config files and container files
    * Plugin::AntiCSRF now checks if it should check for CSRFs instead
      of running it all the time. Now POST requests and URIs specified
      with skip_csrf_check at connect() time will be ignored.

    * Now Plugin::Encode decodes $c->args
    * Properly call ->finished(1) in Plugin::AntiCSRF (aska)

0.06 - 31 Jan 2011
    * Changed the storage location for Plugin::Session to be inside

    * Previously only $request->parameters were decoded in Plugin::Encode.
      Now body_parameters() and query_parameters() are decoded as necessary,
      along with parameters()

0.05 - 24 Jan 2011
    * Upload to CPAN

    * validate controller's action name. an acceptable pattern is /^[a-z][a-zA-Z0-9_]*/ and you can not override core methods (eg: new, add_trigger ...)

    * Plugin::Encode add charset parameter to Content-Type header.

    * implement loading external file from config and container.

0.04 - 05 Nov 2010

    * Generated application will use Xslate as the default template engine

    * Generated PSGI file is now named MyApp.psgi instead of app.psgi

    * Pickles::Dispatcher now reads an external file to grab the routing
      rules. The rules should return a Router::Simple object

    * Configuration files are now read in the following order:
        1. $HOME/etc/
        2. $HOME/etc/$ENV{MYAPP_CONFIG}.pl
        3. $HOME/etc/$ENV{MYAPP_CONFIG}_$ENV{MYAPP_ENV}.pl

    * Pickles now support Text::MicroTemplate, Text::Xslate.

    * Added plugins for Plugin::AntiCSRF, Plugin::FillInForm,
      Plugin::Log and Plugin::Session

    * Pickles::Context's container capabilities are now delegated to

    * Pickles::Container->register  now supports a second argument, 
      which can make an object persistent by passing 
        $container->register( \&code, { persisitent => 1 });

    * Added MyApp->context_class to switch the context object

    * View objects and controller objects are cached after creation.

    * Controllers now can be initialized using the context via Controller->init

    [ BUGFIXES ]
    * Fixed a problem where closures used when reading config files were
      causing problems on perl 5.8.8.



0.01    Tue Mar  9 18:26:57 2010
        - original version