1.00_04 - May 21 2012
    - Silly cut n' paste error in stub XS generation and t/101_threads.t
      Reported by Steffen Mueller
    - Very minor doc tweaks

1.00_03 - Apr 23 2012
    - Changed zmq_poll()'s return value. In list context, you can get the
      array of boolean values indicating if the particular socket got fired

        my @fired = zmq_poll(...);

      In scalar context, you get the return value of zmq_poll() from the C

        my $rv = zmq_poll(...)

      See (Steffen Mueller, Nick Peres)

    - Fix getsockopt_string() (Sergey KHripchenko)

1.00_02 - Mar 26 2012
    - Beef up the docs extensively.
    - Make sure to set $! upo failure
    - Add author tests
    - Change zmq_sendmsg to a pure perl method.
    - Make sure to emulate libzmq2 errors for stuff like trying to act upon
      closed cxt, sockets, and messages, since we don't call the C level
      functions when we detect that they have been closed from the Perl level.

1.00_01 - Mar 24 2012
    - Initial release.