Revision history for Perl extension Math::FastGF2.

0.05  Sat 17 Aug 2019
        - 10th anniversary special release!!!
        - New constructor for Cauchy Matrix generated from a list
	  of x1,x2,...xn,y1,..yk values (moved from Crypt::IDA)
	- New, slightly more efficient Matrix inversion method for
	  Cauchy matrices (called as constructor given above x1..yk)
	- New constructor for Vandermonde matrix (x1..xn)
	- New $matrix->print method (pretty!)
	- Don't warn if modules "use"d twice
	- Profiling-driven speed improvements and some code cleanup
	  * One of my main reasons to revisit the code.
	  * See Changes-0.5 for more details.

0.04  Mon Aug 17 21:00:00 2009
	- Add copy/flip-related Matrix code
        - More tests on getvals/setvals
 	- Remove some unused code that was causing compilation errors
 	  on some platforms.
        - Documentation updates
	- Downgrade version of perl required to version 5.6. I have
          not personally tested this version, but I've no reason to
          suspect any problems. I will keep an eye out for test
          reports on this, though.

0.03  Fri Aug 14 22:50:00 2009
        - New release. Attempt to automatically determine the correct
          C data types for 16 and 32-bit values. This should simplify
          the task of setting up the software on different platforms.
          If the determination of types doesn't succeed the
          Makefile.PL script exits with a useful error message and
          error code 0 before writing a Makefile, so this should at
          least handle the problem gracefully and not raise a FAIL
          test result.

0.02  Fri Aug 14 18:00:00 2009
        - New release. Add Matrix code.
        - All installable perl scripts now go in bin/ where they
        - Make building of XS code depend on perlsubs.c
        - Automated tests by CPAN testers are failing because of
          different sizes for "unsigned long". A future release will
          try to determine the correct word size at compile time.
          Until then, if the system tests fail with code 11 (segfault)
          on systems with 64-bit native ints, please manually change
          the type of gf2_u32 to something appropriate and also update
          the Perl XS functions (and prototypes) to use the same
          value. Thank you.

0.01  Mon Jul 13 20:19:47 2009
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -n Math::FastGF2