0.13 2018-10-19 dmol@cpan.org
 - update tests, as freetype changed font metrices under hood

0.12 2018-08-12 dmol@cpan.org

0.11 2018-08-11 dmol@cpan.org
 - Added FT_LOAD_COMPUTE_METRICS load flag (HinTak)
 - Added face->foreach_glyph method for iterating over all glyphs
   (some of them don't necessarily have a unicode point) (HinTak)

0.10 2018-03-18 dmol@cpan.org
 - No changes since 0.10_1

0.10_1 2018-03-17 dmol@cpan.org
 - Allow to lookup glyphs by name (mauzo)

0.09 2017-10-18 dmol@cpan.org
 - Fallback to default charmap for 2.8.1 for backward-compatibility
   for FNT-fonts

0.08_1 2017-05-02 dmol@cpan.org
 - Added .gitignore file (htl10@users.sourceforge.net)
 - Remove generated files from MANIFEST listing (htl10@users.sourceforge.net)
 - Removed unused variables and silenced some compiler warnings

0.07 2015-09-27 dmol@cpan.org
 - No changes since 0.07_2

0.07_2 2015-09-24 dmol@cpan.org
 - Try to support utf8_to_uvchr_buf for older perls

0.07_1 2015-09-24 dmol@cpan.org
 - Fix UTF-8 string usage on non-intel architectures (GH#17)

0.06 2015-01-27 dmol@cpan.org
 - No changes since 0.06_1

0.06_1 2015-01-27 dmol@cpan.org
 - Allow optionally fallback to missing glyph

0.05  2015-01-27 dmol@cpan.org
 - No changes since 0.05_02

0.05_2 2015-01-23 dmol@cpan.org
 - Be more tolerant in test for checking underline position
   (CT#9d93130c-a254-11e4-9a11-67e5227a829d) (Ivan Baidakou, basiliscos).
 - Get build options from freetype-config if it exists (RT#101654)
   (Zakariyya Mughal).

0.05_1 2015-01-21 dmol@cpan.org
 - Avoid clang warning (RT#101653).
 - Attempt to fix CT#939e0664-8c46-11e4-8147-dcee86cc0d3a.

0.04 2014-12-24 dmol@cpan.org
 - No changes since v0.04_03.

0.04_03 2014-12-22 dmol@cpan.org
 - Simplify rendering tests t/30render.t, as there is false-negative
   tests results (GH#17).

0.04_02 2014-12-22 dmol@cpan.org
 - Update Changes.
 - Add licence, min perl version and link to repository in Makefile.PL
   (Ivan Baidakou, basiliscos).

0.04_01 2014-12-21 dmol@cpan.org
 - New BoundingBox class, which represents outline's bounding box for a
   face (Ivan Baidakou, basiliscos).
 - New NamedInfo class, which allows to access to information from 'names
   table' in font file, e.g. get font copyrigh information (Ivan Baidakou,
 - New CharMap class, which allows to access to character map from font
   typefaces (Ivan Baidakou, basiliscos).
 - Improve module building, i.e. use Devel::CheckLib instead of pkg-config
   invocation (Ivan Baidakou, basiliscos).
 - Skip pgm-comparison tests as they are dependend on underlying FT2
   library version (Ivan Baidakou, basiliscos).
 - Retrieve more font face metrics: text_heigh, ascender and descender
   (Ivan Baidakou, basiliscos).
 - Update examples/font-info.pl which mimics more ftdump utility (Ivan
   Baidakou, basiliscos).
 - Apply patch to build (RT#64110) and fix compilation errors (RT#32713)
   (Zakariyya Mughal).

0.03 2004-09-11 qef@laxan.com
 - Now compiles with older versions of FreeType, at least back to 2.0.9.
   There are macro #if directives to conditionalize the code on the
   version, based on the FreeType changelogs and grepping of various
   versions of the source, so it should work with lots of different
   versions now. The POD documents the features that aren't available in
   older versions.
 - Various changes to make it compile under Perl 5.6.1.
 - When loading a bitmapped font, set the pixel size to the first fixed
   size, which should usually be the right thing.  Seems to be necessary on
   older versions of FreeType (at least 2.0.9) which don't do this
 - Added a few more tests for extracting bitmaps (including from a Windows
   FNT format file added to the distribution), and made tests that use the
   BDF font skip if the version of FreeType is too old to support BDF
 - Don't export the FT_LOAD_RENDER or FT_LOAD_MONOCHROME symbols, because
   they aren't needed.	The bitmaps are always rendered when you ask for
   the bitmap image, and you can pass FT_RENDER_MODE_MONO to bitmap() to
   avoid antialiasing.

0.02 2004-09-10 qef@laxan.com
 - The methods that return bitmap images have been changed to also return
   the left and top offsets of the bitmap from the origin of the glyph, so
   that the images can be properly positioned within a larger picture.
 - Added the svg_path() method and an example for generating an SVG image
   showing a single glyph.
 - Better checking in $ft->version().
 - Make sure that glyph outlines can be accessed even if the first thing
   done to a glyph is to get its bitmap.  Added tests for doing this both
   ways round.	The solution could be better though.
 - Added methods $face->ascender() and $face->descender().
 - Added method $glyph->bitmap_magick() and an example program
   demonstrating its use, as well as using ImageMagick drawing functions to
   render outlines.
 - Added test for POD correctness.
 - Provided a better META.yml file.
 - Minor change to typemap for older Perls.

0.01 2004-06-09 qef@laxan.com
 - Initial version.