Revision history for POE-Component-Schedule

0.92    2009-11-20T19:17 +0100    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
        Official Release. Have to review doc before 1.00.
        Fixed my local to have correct encoding of META.yml.

0.91_01 2009-11-19T20:55 +0100    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
        Major internal rewrite. No external changes. I love TDD!
        Now the scheduling session is detached from the session from
          which the session was spawned. This should help to avoid session
          attachment/references problems as the scheduler is not anymore
          attached to a particular session. Note that due to a POE bug,
          _child(lose) is still fired.
        Fixed typos in example code. kthakore++
        TODO: add a test that extracts test code from the
              SYNOPSIS POD section and runs it. Maybe using

0.03    2009-06-16T19:10 +0200    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
        Major improvement of POD. Fixed sample code.
        Improved test suite to check session reference counting.
        Added DESTROY handler for schedule handles to automatically
          delete handles which are not anymore referenced.
        Deprecated ->delete().

0.02    2009-06-15T23:09 +0200    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
        Changed the default session alias to $class.
        Fixed warning in about new() not being used.
        Improved test suite to increase code coverage (added 11-two.t).
        Improved documentation for spawn().
        Thanks to Rob Fugina for discussion.

0.01    2009-06-05T19:56 +0200    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
        First release to the world, with Chris Fedde's blessing.