Revision history for App::TimeTracker

2.018   2012-11-29T11:10:34+0100
    - use json decoder object (Thomas Klausner)
    - enable proper posting of correctly decoded utf8 (Thomas Klausner)
    - moved RT ticket name ascii-isation into method (Thomas Klausner)
    - honor config value "parent" in project_tree (Thomas Klausner)
    - dynamic 00-load.t (Thomas Klausner)
    - squash a warning (cpan-rt75266) (Thomas Klausner)
    - fix tag sorting (Jozef Kutej)
    - set tracker script STDOUT to utf8 (Jozef Kutej)
    - add description to the detail report (Jozef Kutej)
    - Switch to Digest::SHA (in core since 5.9.3) to reduce external
      deps (Roland Lammel)

2.017   2012-01-12T22:59:32+0100
    - finally fixed #73859:
      During DateTime coercion for --at new DateTime objects
      were initiated without setting time_zone => 'local'
      That's added now (and tested), so hopefully the bug IS squashed
    - new command: version
      prints out the current version
    - add suggestion for better --at if stop<start
      (suggested by Ruslan Zakirov)

2.016   2012-01-10T23:08:20+0100
    - fixed #73859 reported by Ruslan Zakirov:
      stop now aborts if the stop time is earlier than the start

2.015   2012-01-09T20:26:47+0100
    - SyncViaGit: removed debug messages (Thomas Klausner)

2.014   2012-01-04T23:17:20+0100
    - SyncViaGit: proper fix to git-rm deleted files

2.013   2012-01-04T19:37:11+0100
    - fix tests for single digit months (Thomas Klausner)
    - properly sync "current" (suggested by (Thomas Klausner)
    - stop does not require a project (Thomas Klausner)
    - make --project work for "virtual" projects (i.e. ones
      that do not exists in filesystem (Thomas Klausner)
    - do not abort if there is no RT configured (Thomas Klausner)
    - RT plugin now also works (a bit) offline (Thomas Klausner)
    - Nicely fix directory traversal issue, by using absolute path for
      parent traversing (Roland Lammel)
    - Only throw warning if Git plugin does not find git repository
      refactor repository init (Roland Lammel)
    - Escape messages in IRC-bot post uri (Maros Kollar)
    - Basic autocomplete (Maros Kollar)

2.012   2011-11-01T19:29:55+0100
    - doc fix suggested by David Mertens (Thomas Klausner)
    - some tests for C::Core (init, start, stop, append) (c:61.1%;sc:83.9%) (Thomas Klausner)
    - fixed CPAN-RT#72039 reported by Kartik Thakore (Thomas Klausner)
    - cpanm install docs (Thomas Klausner)

2.011   2011-10-28T16:36:21+0200
    - autocreate tracker.json and projects.json if there is no
      home yet (Thomas Klausner)
    - rearranged docs (Thomas Klausner

2.010   2011-10-28T00:28:54+0200
    - new plugin: Overtime (Thomas Klausner)
    - pass new fproject ftag to find_task_files (Thomas Klausner)
    - changed report params to --fprojects and --ftags (_f_ilter*)
      (Thomas Klausner)
    - SyncViaGit: honor .gitignore (Thomas Klausner)
    - specify "parent" in tracker.json to switch to another path
      (Thomas Klausner)
    - Fix --this date option (Maros Kollar)
    - Display error message if projects.json cannot be found (Maros Kollar)
    - fix build_from (Klaus Ita)
    - Add list command (Maros Kollar)
    - do not report tasks without time (Thomas Klausner)
    - Make project setable from cmdline options (Maros Kollar)
    - show project tree in report (Thomas Klausner)
    - fixed bug in writing projects.json (Thomas Klausner)

2.009	2011-08-11T15:17:36+0200
    - more docs
    - new command: plugins
    - fixed MANIFEST.SKIP (thanks to Tokuhiro Matsuno for the tipp)

2.008  2011-08-09T15:30:53+0200
    - this is going to be the first release to CPAN since 0.21
    - relaxed decoding of json config files
    - started to add docs 
    - back to per-dir config files, much saner
    - new commands: show_config, init
    - Better datetime parsing

2.007  2011-07-07T15:00:02+0200
    - another new config file layout, which sucks less

2.006  2011-07-05T02:24:36+0200
    - new config file layout, which sucks
    - TextNotify
    - big RT/TimeWorked mixup created & resolved
    - some testing

2.005   2011-04-13 08:55:32
    - update RT->TimeWorked after stop
    - added --irc_quiet
    - added _current_task
    - added command recacl_trackfile
    - split up worked/report options
    - added --verbose to report

2.004   2011-03-29 11:49:49
    - replaced Project/Tag classes with plain strings
    - fixed bug when duration is 0

2.003   2011-03-20 18:07:16
    - crude job hack
    - added --this & --last to report & worked

2.002   2011-03-14 09:16:00
    - added Post2IRC


0.21   2009-02-17 20:50:30
    - remove debug output
    - fix 00-load.t (thanks to cpan-testers for spotting this)

0.20    2009-02-12
    - switched to new storage system (filesystem base, not sqlite, to 
      make syncing via git easier

0.08	2008-04-04
    - added cmd "report"
    - added --this and --last to "worked"
    - "worked" now works with tags
    - added --from and --to to "worked"
    - added --svn to "stop"
    - added some docs
    - added missing dependency on DateTime::Format::Strptime

0.07    2008-01-23
    - added docs
    - fixed bad default filepath

0.06    2008-01-22
    - renamed to App::TimeTracker
    - first release to CPAN

0.05    2008-01-21
    - switched to SQLite for storage
    - added DBIx::Class
    - rewrote a lot of stuff to work with DBIx::Class

0.04    2008-01-18
    - added docs
    - added command 'worked'
    - added command 'current'
    - now using App::Cmd

0.03    2008-01-07
    - override start/stop time from commandline

0.02    2008-01-04
    - ask before adding a new project (to catch typos etc)
    - added beautify_seconds and some nicer output to stop/start

0.01    2008-01-03
    - basic functionality working (start/stop)

0.00    2008-01-02
    - first draft