# Changes for Module::CPANTS::Analyse
# $Rev: 4507 $
# $Date: 2006-11-04T17:24:33.456399Z $ 

0.69    2006-11-04
    - splited up metayml_conforms_spec to metayml_conforms_spec_1_0
      and metayml_conforms_spec_1_2 (which is optional)
    - added metayml_error and docu pointers to it.

0.68    2006-10-28
    - fixed bug in MCK::FindModules reported by JDHEDDEN in RT #22081
      (the module name of modules living in the top-level namespace (eg
      'threads/pm') was not guessed correctly
    - use META.yml 'provides' (if it exists) instead of guessing module names in
    - modifed changelog-regex in MCK::Files as suggested by CDOLAN in 
      RT #21999
    - added MCK::License
    - moved license checking to MCK::License
    - added checks for LICENSE file and LICENSE POD section
    - moved meta_yml parsing to MCK::MetaYML
    - changed has_license error text after Schwern (and Andreas Koenig) suggested
      that MakeMaker now suppor ts a license field

0.67    2006-09-13
    - cpants_lint.pl now handles reporting of optional metrics
    - added t/99_critic.t (Gabor Szabo)
    - some code cleanups as reported by Test::Perl::Critic
      (Gabor Szabo)
    - new metric: has_license; MCK::MetaYML (Gabor Szabo)
    - MCK::Pod now reports the error messages returned by
      Pod::Simple::Checker (suggested by Gabor Szabo)

0.66    2006-09-06
    - added optional_indicator_names utility method

0.65    2006-09-05   (YAPC::Europe hackathon release)
    - updated test suite
    - added has_example to MCK::Files
    - added buildtool_not_executable to MCK::Files
    - added MCK::Manifest (manifest_matches_dist)

0.64	2006-08-29
    - updated MCK::BrokenInstaller
      submitted by Steffen Müller smueller@cpan.org

0.63    2006-07-31
    - we now also find README.txt
      resolves RT #20633 reported by MBARBON (thanks for the patch!)

0.62    2006-07-20
   - added MCK::BrokenInstaller,
     submitted by Steffen Müller smueller@cpan.org

0.61    2006-07-17
  - Kwalitee metrics can now be marked as 'is_extra'
    Such metrics do not count for available kwalitee
  - marked is_prereq as 'is_extra'
  - cpants_lint now reports percentages additional to absolut
  - cpants_lint won't list failed is_extra metrics
  - added some method caching to M:C:Kwalitee
  - added total_kwalitee to M:C:Kwalitee.

0.60    2006-05-18
  - activated is_prereq metric
  - added helper method (available_kwalitee)
  - MCK::FindModules: skip stuff in inc (Module::Install)

0.52    2006-03-12
  - added some dependencies to Build.PL/META.yml (thanks to Achim Grolms 
    and BLBLACK (RT #17977))
  - enhanced output of cpants_lint.pl (list failed tests)
  - MCK::FindModules: die if we cannot find a namespace
  - MCK::FindModules: remove stuff that doesn't seems to be namespace (eg lowercase) from module names
  - changed the name of some fields to work with the (upcoming) DB
  - added some tests

0.51   2006-02-16
  - adapted Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::Prereq to work with newer versions
    of YAML (reported by Andreas Koenig as RT #17670)

0.50   2006-01-26
  - first release to CPAN

  - started rewrite