Revision history for Crypt-OpenSSL-CA

0.16    14 Feb 2008

        Yet another cpan-testers-bugfix-only release.  Hopefully will
        now be able to detect OpenSSL version before attempting the
        whole compile despite's quirks.

0.15    13 Feb 2008

        Added ->supported_digests(). Now the OpenSSL version is validated
        at perl Build.PL time. Works with 0.9.7. More cpan-testers

0.14    08 Feb 2008

        Fixes bug in the build process that caused it to fail
        on Perl 5.10; improved memory leak checking with
        Devel::Mallinfo.  No actual code changes.

0.12    06 Feb 2008

        Improved readability of code examples (in examples/) as per
        the suggestions of Richard Hartmann

        Tested on Mac OS X 10.5 with Macports Perl

0.11    05 Apr 2007

        Got rid of Memchmark; replaced with a homebrew leak checker
        that also works on VMWare

0.09    05 Apr 2007

        Tested on Gentoo

        Added ::X509->verify

        OpenSSL algorithms and error strings are now loaded by
        the XS BOOT section, which improves testability

0.08    19 Mar 2007

        Attempt to fix the bugs found by CPAN-Testers and
        shamelessy raise my Kwalitee

0.07    19 Mar 2007

        Minor tidy-up

0.06    12 Mar 2007

        Minor bugfix release (0.05 was a tad too hasty)

0.05    09 Mar 2007

        Added support for issuer + serial in authorityKeyIdentifier's
        Added various read accessors to certificates and CRLs

0.04    23 Feb 2007

        Added CRLv2 support
        POD cleanup for public release

0.03    08 Feb 2007

        First release; X509v3 support