Revision history for Perl extension IPC::Capture.

0.01  Wed Apr  9 15:30:31 2008
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AX -nIPC::Capture -b5.8.0

0.02  Thursday April 17, 2008   2:15 PM
        - fixed a possible bug in tests: now explicitly uses the
          running perl ($^X) to run a sub-script, rather than
          relying on the hashbang line.

0.03  Sunday April 20, 2008  10:43 PM
        - fixed test bug: ignore nonexistant directories in PATH
        - added more verbose output on some test failures for
          future debugging efforts.
        - modified run_qx_all_separated method to deal with an
          MSwin32 issue.
        - changed name of object attribute 'output_director' to 'filter'
          Note: this is a change in the UI.

0.04  Tuesday April 22, 2008  01:15 AM
        - now deals with chatty "which" commands on some systems (e.g. Sun)

0.05 Saturday April 26, 2008   2:22 AM
        - dropped mention of unimplemented feature "success" from SYNOPSIS

0.06 Sunday March 15, 2009  10:07 PM
        - Added a (theoretically) redundant dependency on Text::Diff
          to try to cover an odd smoke test failure.
        - Fixed bugs in the internally used can_run_qx_which
          routine (was failing if system did not have a "which" command).
        - Removed inherently non-portable tests from the MANIFEST: t/02-can_run_method.t