Revision history for MooseX::NonMoose

0.06    09/27/2009
    defining a custom constructor in a class using mx-nonmoose now works

    use a less broken test for whether or not a superclass has an inlined
    constructor (fixes issue uncovered by fixes to Moose's metaclass
    compatibility fixing)

0.05    06/24/2009
    gaaaaah, packaging is so stupid (remove stray file)

0.04    06/23/2009
    Add tests and official support for alternate instance metaclasses, such as
    MooseX::GlobRef and MooseX::InsideOut - including supplying a custom
    exporter MooseX::NonMoose::InsideOut which should work in all possible
    cases, when just using the same hash that the nonmoose class is using would

    Fix a couple issues with inheriting from MooseX::NonMoose classes - make
    sure FOREIGNBUILDARGS is only called once, and fix some issues with

0.03    05/06/2009
    Add a FOREIGNBUILDARGS method to support modifying the argument list passed
    to the non-Moose constructor

0.02    04/29/2009
    A few minor doc fixes

0.01    04/20/2009
    Initial release