Revision history for Reply

0.28  2013-07-10
      - remove accidentally added dep on 'mro', which doesn't exist on 5.8

0.27  2013-07-10
      - Add completion plugin for #-commands (#18)
      - More completion edge case fixes
      - More internal refactorings

0.26  2013-07-08
      - Let Data::Printer handle coloring in the DataPrinter plugin. (Sawyer X)
      - Add a CollapseStack plugin, to make working with large stack traces
        easier. (sartak)

0.25  2013-07-05
      - The DataDump plugin now respects object stringification overloads by
        default. This behavior can be disabled by setting the
        'respect_stringification' option to 0.

0.24  2013-07-04
      - use Devel::LexAlias to ensure that the lexical environment is persisted
        properly (gh #10)
      - a few internal refactorings

0.23  2013-07-03
      - use the correct #! line (reported by SREZIC, RT86669)

0.22  2013-07-02
      - few more completion edge cases

0.21  2013-07-01
      - check inheritance in method completions
      - fix a couple more completion edge cases

0.20  2013-06-28
      - completion for packages declared in the repl (Toby Inkster, gh-#7)
      - completion for functions (Toby Inkster, gh-#8)

0.19  2013-06-28
      - fix test failures (reported by brunobuss)

0.18  2013-06-27
      - tab completion support (with help from sartak)
      - lots of internal refactorings to make writing plugins easier

0.17  2013-06-27
      - support color on windows (aero)

0.16  2013-06-26
      - bump the Getopt::Long dep, for installing on older perls

0.15  2013-06-26
      - add default command of #q for exiting the repl

0.14  2013-06-26
      - add -l, -b, -I, and -M options (requested by Toby Inkster, RT86341)

0.13  2013-06-26
      - allow plugins to configure the current package to use through the
        'package' parameter in the compile callback

0.12  2013-06-25
      - make the AutoRefresh plugin use the new track_require functionality
        in Class::Refresh (fixes a problem reported by Michael Reddick)

0.11  2013-06-24
      - report failure to load of plugins which use modules that fail to load
        (reported by Michael Reddick)

0.10  2013-06-24
      - don't pollute main::, since that's where the default configuration
        drops the user (reported by miyagawa)

0.09  2013-06-21
      - fix tests

0.08  2013-06-21
      - add AutoRefresh plugin (Michael Reddick)

0.07  2013-06-08
      - expose a 'step' method to run single iterations of the repl
      - plugins specified in the 'plugins' constructor parameter are now run
        after loading config rather than before (this should give them more
        control over what actually runs - if this is a problem, i might add
        separate options for "before config" and "after config")
      - config handling is split out into a separate Reply::Config class for
        better reuse of the config loading logic
      - DataDumper plugin now sets Terse and Sortkeys, since that produces
        output that looks better
      - plugins can now set multiple independent lexical environments, to allow
        them to override the actual logical environment without wiping out
        special vars set by other plugins

0.06  2013-06-08
      - add Timer plugin (Arthur Axel fREW Schmidt)
      - fix DataPrinter plugin when ~/.dataprinter has a custom value for
        'alias' (Charles Bailey)

0.05  2013-06-04
      - avoid test failures from DataPrinter, since it's optional

0.04  2013-06-04
      - add a bit of option parsing to the reply script, to support choosing an
        alternate configuration file
      - Data::Printer plugin (creaktive)

0.03  2013-06-03
      - fix LexicalPersistence plugin (reported by tokuhirom)

0.02  2013-06-03
      - packaging and pod fixes

0.01  2013-06-03
      - Initial release