Revision history for Perl extension File::FastSlurp.

9999.01  Mon Sep  1 00:20:56 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AX -n File::FastSlurp

9999.02  Wed Dec 17 03:40:49 EST 2003
	- skip DATA test in handle.t on OSX (bug in perl with sysread on DATA)
	- changed checking if file handle from fileno to ref
		from Randal Schwartz <>
	- added support for atomic spewing
	- added new test stdin.t for the fileno/ref change
	- added new test inode.t to test atomic spewing

9999.03  Mon Dec 22 01:44:43 EST 2003
	- fixed DATA handle bugs in t/handle.t on osx (should be fixed
	  on BSD as well)
	- added more comments to code

9999.04  Mon Feb 23 14:20:52 EST 2004
	- fixed DATA handle bug in t/handle.t (not seen on most OS's)
	  Thanks to James Willmore <>

9999.05  Tue Feb 24 21:14:55 EST 2004
	- skip handle tests where socketpair is not supported (pre 5.8
	  on windows)
	  Thanks to Mike Arms <>

9999.06  Mon Sep 20 01:57:00 EDT 2004
	- Slurping the DATA handle now works without the workaround.
	  tests are in t/data_scalar.t and t/data_list.t
        - Paragraph mode in read_file is supported. As with <> when $/
	  (input record separator) is set to '', then the input file is
	  split on multiple newlines (/\n\n+/).
	  Thanks to Geoffrey Leach <>

9999.07  Tue Jan 25 01:33:11 EST 2005
	- Slurping in pseudo files (as in /proc) which show a size of 0
	  but actually have data works. This seems to be the case on
	  linux but on Solaris those files show their proper size.
	  Thanks to Juerd Waalboer <>

9999.08  Sat Apr 16 01:01:27 EDT 2005
	- read_dir returns an array ref in scalar context
	- read_dir keeps . and .. if keep_dot_dot option is set.
	  Thanks to John Alden <>
	- slurp() is an optional exported alias to read_file
	  Thanks to Damian Conway <>

9999.09  Tue Apr 19 01:21:55 EDT 2005
	- t/original.t and read_dir.t no longer search for tempdirs. they just
	  use the current dir which should be in the build directory
	- t/readdir.t renamed to read_dir.t for consistancy
	- write_file return values are docuemented
	  Thanks to Adam Kennedy <>
	- added no_clobber option to write_file and t/no_clobber.t test for it
	  Thanks to <>
	- fixed bug when appending a null string to a file which then
	  truncates it. seems to be an odd way for linux and OS X to
	  handle O_APPEND mode on sysopen. they don't seek to the end of
	  the file so it gets truncated. fixed by adding a seek to the
	  end if in append mode.n
	  Thanks to Chris Dolan <>

9999.10   Thu Jan 19 11:38:00 EDT 2005
	- t/*.t modules don't use
	- using POSIX qw( :fcntl_h ) instead of Fcntl qw( :seek ) for
	  backwards compatiblity to 5.00503
	- added conditional definitions of SEEK_* and O_* subs as they are not
	  defined in perl 5.004
	- File::Slurp now runs on perl 5.004 and newer (see BUGS section)
	  All of the above thanks to Smylers <>,
	  Piers Kent <> and 
	  John Alden <>
	- Added pod.t and pod_coverage.t tests. This is to pass all
	  the CPANTS tests.

9999.11   Fri Jan 20 01:24:00 EDT 2005
	- Quick release to remove code that forced the faked SEEK_*
	  values to be used. Showed up when tested on OSX which doesn't
	  need that backport.

9999.12   Thu Feb  2 02:26:31 EST 2006
	- Fixed bug on windows with classic slurping and File::Slurp not
	  agreeing on newline conversion.
	- Added t/newline.t test to check for that fix.
	- When passing text data by scalar reference to write_file under
	  windows, the buffer is copied so the newline conversion won't
	  modify the caller's data.
	- Thanks to Johan Lodin <> for a test script which
	  I modified into t/newline.t

9999.13   Wed Jan 23 22:54:03 CDT 2008
        - This is a "get the tests passing" release by Dave Rolsky
	- Fixes the tests to pass with the latest Test::More
        - Also shuts up warnings from some tests about redefining SEEK_SET.