1.03     2016-08-21

- Fixed formatting of images in Pod on Metacpan to not exceed the width of the
  browser window.

1.02     2016-08-18

- Removed ':all' from 'use autodie'. This requires IPC::System::Simple to
  fatalize system and exec, but we're not actually calling those builtins.

- Removed use of yadda operator (...) in subroutines. This only works with
  newer versions of Perl.

1.01     2016-08-17

- Disable tests with older versions of MooseX::Role::Parameterized. Older
  versions named generated roles differently, leading to spurious test
  failures. Fixed by Mark Fowler.

1.00     2016-08-17

- Major reworking; Added pluggable renderers and PlantUML support. Added
  method and attributes support for renderes that support it. Made GraphViz
  graph not suck. Added ability to control output format from command
  line. Implemented by Mark Fowler.

0.03     2015-08-30

- If a parameterized role consumed roles by calling "with" inside its role
  block, the roles it consumed there were simply ignored when graphing. This
  bug was reported by carthanc. I ended up fixing and testing this in a
  somewhat different way than the code in GitHub PR #55.

0.02     2015-07-20

- When given a role name, the grapher would try to follows its superclasses,
  which caused an exception. Reported by Mark Fowler.

0.01     2015-07-18

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.