1.07_92  2003-07-23

- Removed tests which relied on the zoneinfo database to be up to date
and accurate in order to pass, since we have absolutely no control
over this whatsoever.  I hate external dependencies.

1.07_91  2003-07-22

- Henrik refined his edge case fix to work on Win32, which apparently
dislikes large negative signed ints.  Tests now pass on Win32.  More
testing on other platforms is appreciated.

- Documented Time::Local's behavior when timelocal is called with an
ambiguous local time.  Some local times occur twice on the same day
because a DST change causes the clock to move backwards one earlier.
See "Ambiguous Local Times" in the docs for more details.  Closes
perlbug 7822.

- Removed the statement under "BUGS" that the proclivity to croak() is
probably a bug.  It's not a bug, and it sure isn't going to change at
this point in time, anyway!

1.07_90  2003-07-15

- Fixed behavior for edge cases like timegm(gmtime(0x7FFF_FFFF)),
which should work even on platforms where time_t is signed.  Patch
from Henrik Gulbrandsen.

1.07  2003-06-10

- Set INSTALLDIRS=perl in Makefile.PL, as suggested by Michael
Schwern, who heard it from Sergio Brandano.

1.06  2003-06-04

- A bug in the handling of negative offsets from UTC could lead to the
return of invalid times during a DST transition.  This is from a patch
by Dave Mitchell currently in bleadperl.  See
http://bugs6.perl.org/rt2/Ticket/Display.html?id=19393 for details.
Thanks to Rafael Garcia-Suarez for pointing this out to me.

- Updated the AUTHORS section to include the actual authors.  Thanks
to Graham Barr for telling me who there are.

- Added SUPPORT section which tells people to use bugs.perl.org or
perlbug, since I read p5p and I want to make sure that the core and
this code stay in sync.

- Clarified docs to say that dates before the system's epoch may or
may not work, because POSIX only requires support for positive time_t

1.05  2003-06-03

This version is nearly identical to version 1.04, which is included in
the Perl core, but it removes the use of "our" in order to make the
code backwards compatible with Perl 5.00503.  It probably works with
earlier versions of Perl as well, but I don't have anything earlier
than 5.00503 installed.

Changes made from the core version include:

- Packaged for distribution on CPAN.

- Added an AUTHOR section to the docs.

- Clarified some points in the docs, particularly the fact that this
module uses the local system's epoch, not the Unix epoch, contrary to
what the documentation suggests.

- Disabled tests for timelocal.pl Perl4 library since it's not
included in standalone distribution.