Revision history for ElasticSearch
0.08    2010-04-05
      - Changed all_field to _all

0.07    2010-04-05

      - All tests pass as of version 8cfa04cea3bc2317ee613384ced4da20cf2737aa
        on 2010-04-04:

      - Updated the API to take into account ElasticSearch's change from
        using camelCase to underscore_separators
      - create() now uses the /_create postfix instead of op_type=create,
        although that flag is still available through index() and set()
      - Changed more_like_this and more_like_this_field to mlt and mlt_field
      - Changed fuzzy_like_this and fuzzy_like_this_field to flt and flt_field
      - Changed term() to use gt/gte/lt/lte instead of from/to and
      - put_mapping now defaults to { ignore_conflicts => 0 }, so the
        default now is to complain
      - In mlt, boost_terms:boolean and boost_terms_factor:float have now
        been merged to boost_terms:float

0.06    2010-04-03
      - The test suite now requires Alien::ElasticSearch, and uses its own
        config file and work dir, so as not to interfere with existing
      - Added clear_cache()
      - Added fuzzy_like_this and fuzzy_like_this_field clauses to
        count() and delete_by_query()
      - Added more_like_this()
      - Added more_like_this/more_like_this_field clauses to count()
        and delete_by_query()
      - Changed exclude_from and exclude_to to from_inclusive and to_inclusive
        in the terms() query
      - the filteredQuery clause renamed to 'filtered' as per a change in ES
      - Added aliases() and get_aliases()
      - Deleted the QueryDSL doc, as the ElasticSearch docs are much improved

0.05    2010-03-04
      - Delayed connecting to the cluster until actually required (previously
        it refreshed the server list in new() )
      - Restructured the internals again, to make it easier to read
      - Added cluster_health()
      - Fixed the test suite so that auto-started nodes don't take over
        the terminal
      - Enabled more tests as ElasticSearch now less buggy

0.04    2010-02-23
      - Added terms()
      - Added get_mapping()
      - Renamed create_mapping() to put_mapping()
      - Added ignore_duplicate param to put_mapping
      - skip create-duplicate-mapping test if cluster has more than one nodes

0.03    2010-02-21
      - Corrected the docs for search/count/delete_by_query
      - Added POD for the Query DSL
      - Added a SIG{INT} to the test file, so that it shuts down the servers
        if the test suite is interrupted

0.02    2010-02-21
      - Rewrote the module completely to use a dispatch table -
        makes it easier to extend
      - Added a test suite
      - Added Alien::ElasticSearch so that we can test against a live server

0.01    2010-02-16
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.