Revision history for ElasticSearch::SearchBuilder
0.15    2012-10-03
        SearchBuilder was destroying the original hashrefs and arrayrefs for
        certain clauses. Now makes copies

0.14    2012-06-30
        Added 'null_value' and 'existence' to the -missing filter and op
        Added 'max_boost' to -custom_filters_score
        Added 'rewrite' to -fuzzy
        Added 'fuzzy_rewrite', 'fuzzy_max_expansions', 'lenient',
              'quote_analyzer','quote_field_prefix' to -qs and -field
        Added 'fuzzy_rewrite' and 'minimum_should_match' to text queries

0.13    2012-03-17
        Added support for 'execution' param to -terms filter

0.12    2012-02-15
        Fix version reported in POD

0.11    2012-02-15
        Filter/queries now accept raw query DSL as a HASH-ref-ref
        Added -indices
        Added -cache_key
        Added -custom_boost
        Added the 'type' parameter to geo_bounding_box
        Added 'minimum_number_should_match' to query_strings
        -type now correctly supports multiple types
        Switched from Module::Build to EUMM

0.10    2011-10-17
        Fixed a bug in _hash_params which was disallowing a parameter of "0"

0.09    2011-08-28
        Documented geo filters
        Aliased geo_bbox to geo_bounding_box
        Added "normalize" and "optimize_bbox" parameters to geo filters
        Made -cache work with and|or filters
        Added "rewrite" parameter to query_string, prefix and wildcard queries
        Converted to Dist::Zilla

0.08    2011-08-12
        Fixed Test::More dependency - thanks to AVAR

0.07    2011-08-10
        Added support for custom_filters_score query

0.06    2011-07-19
        Added support for nested queries and filters

0.05    2011-07-03
        Added support for named filters

0.04    2011-07-02
        Added the -all operator
        Changed the -not filter to work with ES < 0.17
        Added the 'analyzer' param to flt and mlt
        Added the 'boost' param to has_child queries

0.03    2011-06-30

        First public release for ElasticSearch::SearchBuilder