Revision history for Elasticsearch

0.76    2013-12-02
        Added support for send_get_body_as GET/POST/source
        Added timeout to bulk API

0.75    2013-10-24
        Fixed the sniff regex to accommodate hostnames when present

0.74    2013-10-03
        Fixed a timeout bug in LWP with persistent connections
        and bad params when using https

0.73    2013-10-02
        Added Elasticsearch::Cxn::LWP
        Added Elasticsearch::TestServer
        Die with explanation if a user on a case-insensitive file system
        loads this module instead of ElasticSearch

0.72    2013-09-29
        Added Elasticsearch::Bulk and Elasticsearch::Scroll
        Changed `https` to `use_https` for compatibility with elasticsearch-py
        Numerous fixes for different Perl versions, and Moo 1.003 now required

0.71    2013-09-24
        Fixed dist.ini to list dependencies correctly

0.70    2013-09-24
        Bumped version numbers because CPAN clashes

0.04    2013-09-23
        First release