PSGI::Hector 2.0 -- 14/12/2019

	Breaking changes to the session handling, directly reading or creating sessions is no longer supported.
	Sessions can now be shared between apps/mount points on the same domain.
	Encrypted session storage now supported.
	Session deletion fixed.

PSGI::Hector 1.91 -- 05/08/2019

	Searches nested parent classes correctly when looking for request and session class names.

PSGI::Hector 1.9 -- 21/01/2017

	The logging functions are now exposed so can be used by other parts of the web app.

PSGI::Hector 1.8 -- 09/01/2017

	Now allowing different log levels.

PSGI::Hector 1.7 -- 30/12/2016

	No longer using confess().

PSGI::Hector 1.6 -- 11/09/2016

	Fixed template toolkit response when calling display() more than once.

PSGI::Hector 1.5 -- 01/05/2015

	Fixed recursion bug for session variables.

PSGI::Hector 1.4 -- 27/12/2014

	Deprecated getThisUrl()
	Correct URLs are served when behind a reverse proxy
	Fixed failing test
	Added missing dependency.
	Updated docs.

PSGI::Hector 1.3 -- 29/10/2014

	Now supports GET/POST parameters with multiple values.
	Improved middleware for static assets

PSGI::Hector 1.2 -- 01/07/2014

	Now only creates session cookies if sessions are used.
	Middleware added

PSGI::Hector 1.1 -- 03/03/2014

	Fixed env passing to response class
	Updated docs

PSGI::Hector 1.0 -- 22/02/2014

	Initial Release