2014-01-31 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.02_03
- Fix 'File->Show History' (Sf support request 41)
- Amend 'tag-file' short option to 'r' to avoid option clash

2014-01-13 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.02_02
- Fixed macros (%u, %s, %h, %n) not doing multiple replacements
- Add in key shortcut for username macro (ALT-u)
- Add in key shortcut for local hostname macro (ALT-l)
- Fix a bug with 'show history' key shortcut
- Fix "uninitialised errors in hash element" bug [clusterssh support-requests:#38]
- Fixed the default cluster not being opened
- Add in toggle for macros

2013-04-16 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.02_01
- Refactured file loading code
- Add in 'tags' file handling
- Fix bug whereby cluster files were read in multiple times
- Add in resolving tags by external command
- Fix library path on bin/cssh (Sf bug 3610601)

2013-03-05 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.01_05
- New option (-m, --unique-servers) to remove repeated servers when opening terminals (Thanks to Oliver Meissner)
- Drop MYMETA.yml and .json files from the distribution
- Do not set default user name to prevent overriding ssh configuration

2013-02-26 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.01_04
- Fixed 'ccon' not calling the correct command (Sf bug 3605002)
- Fixed clusters not being defined correctly within the .clusterssh/config file (Sf bug 3605675)

2013-02-15 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.01_03
* Correct documentation for references to $HOME/.clusterssh/config
* Re-add user back into the configurartion file
* Add in missing newline for some error messages
* Allow the path to rsh/ssh/telnet to be defined in the configuration file
* Move .csshrc to .csshrc.DISABLED since it should no longer be used
* Error emitted when adding a host via the "Hosts" drop-down (Debian bug ID #578208)
* Pastes uses a strange keyboard layout (Debian bug ID #364565)
* Cope with being invoked by 'clusterssh' (Debian bug ID #644368)
* Fix migration of .csshrc when not working as expected (Debian bug ID #673507)
* Remove doc references to 'always_tile' as renamed 'window_tiling' (Debian bug ID #697371)
* Updated manpage whatis entries (patch by Tony Mancill)
* Fix watch line expression to catch 4.x series tarballs (Debian patch LP ID #1076897)
* Allow tests to pass successfully when run as root
* Fix cssh starting if xterm is not installed (Sf bug 3494988)
* Set WM_CLASS on windows to 'cssh' (Sf bug 3187736)

2012-12-09 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.01_02
* Fix logic when using 'autoclose' on the command line or config file
* Fix $HOME/.clusterssh/clusters being read in
* Fix 'ctel', 'crsh' and 'ccon'so they work as expected

2011-12-09 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.01_01
* Include missing files from release tarballs

2011-12-03 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.01_00
* Start switching code to use Exception::Class
* Moved config file from $HOME/.csshrc file to $HOME/.clusterssh directory
* Rework config handling into a module
* Rework cluster handling into a module
* Added 'autoclose' functionality - see docs
* Allow "-a 'cmd ; cmd'" to work for multiple remote commands

2011-07-28 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_11
* Fix '-l <username>' option (SF bug 3380675)

2011-07-08 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_10
* Fix 'uninitialised error' message

2011-06-30 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_09
* Cater for missing 'pod2text' command (Thanks to Sami Kerola)
* Fix 'uninitialised variable' error
* Added 'ccon' command (Thanks to Brandon Perkins)

2011-04-01 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_08
* Amend all L<xx> links to prevent build breakage on cygwin (Sf bug 3115635)

2011-01-24 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_07
* Fix for parsing config files with empty values (Stefan Steiner)
* Reinstate acting on '-l username' option (reported by Ryan Brown)

2010-09-20 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_06
* Fix test error on 5.8.8 (reported by Wei Wang)
* Added '--list', '-L' to list available cluster tags (idea from Markus Manzke)
* Fix terminal size only set on last windows (Sf bug 3061999)
* Added '--use_all_a_records' (Simon Fraser)

2010-06-20 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_05

* Tidy up pod for whatis errors
* Amend copyright years and text to be consistent
* Include missing buld prereq (Test::Trap)
* Correct '--font, -f' in cssh documentation
- Thanks to Tony Mancill for reporting these errors

2010-06-20 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_04

* Update MANIFEST file to ensure all correct files are included in release

2010-06-20 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_03

* Fix silly type in code/tests

2010-06-19 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_02

* Add in bugtracker and homepage resources to Build.PL file
* Bring new module App::ClusterSSH::Host into play for parsing host strings
* Patch to override font used on command line (Roland Rosenfeld)
* Put options in cssh pod into alphabetical order

2010-01-08 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v4.00_01

* Remove GNU tools and switch to Perl module layout using Module::Build

0000-00-00 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.29 - unreleased

* Handle hostnames containing % properly (Debian bug  543368)
- Thanks to Tony Mancill for the patch

2009-12-19 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.28

* Look for usernames when adding clusters
- Thanks to Kristian Lyngstol for the patch
* Allow username@cluster to override all usernames in the cluster
* Account for multiple host definitions within ssh configuration file
- Thanks to anonymous for the patch
* Allow for long line continuation in config files with a backslash
- Thanks to Mike Loseke for the patch
* Improve binary search to 
  - ignore directories of the same name, and 
  - always search for the binary if it is not fully qualified
- Thanks to Ian Marsh for the patch
* Always use the given host name, not the resolved host name, when opening the ssh connection (Debian bug 533406)

2009-09-24 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.27

* Add in list of clusters to 'Add Host' window 
  - thanks for Stanislas Rouvelin for the idea
* Fix bug where unresolvable host stopped program running
  - thanks to Sami Kerola
* Add in config for auto-tearoff of send and host menus
  - thanks to James Chernikov for the idea
* Add in send menu xml definition file
  - thanks to James Chernikov for the idea

2009-06-02 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.26-1

* Allow user to set a different ConnectTimeout and -o string (Tony Mancill)
* Fix warning from 'mandb' (Tony Mancill)
* Continue connecting to unresolvable hosts (debian bug 499935) (Tony Mancill)
* Correct bug with unset default ports (Tony Mancill)
* Rearrange pod documentation to remove extraenous comment (Tony Mancill)
* Cope better with IPv6 addresses
* Fix bug with passing arguments from command line to comms method binary
* Rework defaultport code
* Add new "-a 'command'" option for running a command in each terminal
* Fix bug with some host lookups failing
* Set window hints on terminals slightly differently to help with tiling
* Reserve 5 pixels on top and left hand side of terminals for better tiling
* Increase reserve of screen from bottom from 40 pixels to 60
* Better notes in docs for screen/terminal reserving
* Minor fixup to docs formatting
* Correct pasting mechanism into control window
* Allow use of long options (swap Getopt::Std to Getopt::Long)
* Remove deprecated '-i' option
* Deprecate -d and -D, replaced with --debug
* Allow for configurable max number of hosts within hosts menu before
  starting a new column - see .csshrc doc for "max_host_menu_items".
  This is until Tk allows for scrollable menus
* Amend default key_addhost from 'Control-plus' to 'Control-Shift-plus'
* Add in a 'default' cluster tag, used when no tags provided on command line
* Fix Alt-n pasting in a resolved hostname instead of the connection hostname 
* Disabled unmapping code until such time as a better way of doing it exists 
  - this is due to virtual desktop change triggering a retile 

2009-03-26 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.25-1

* Add patch from David F. Skoll for adding colour to terminals
* Apply fix from Bogdan Pintea for DNS failing to resolve IPs
* Allow the configuration files to be symlinks (debian bug 518196)
* Add an 'EXAMPLES' section to the cssh documentation
* List options alphabetically in documentation
* Apply patch from Gerfried Fuchs/Tony Mancill for ports on the command line

2008-11-14 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.24-1

* Do not attempt to re-resolve IP addresses
* Apply patch from Dan Wallis
- Add '-C <file>' command to load in specific config file
- Typo correct in pod
- Cope with random/strange config files better
* Correct some minor typos
* Create the .csshrc file if it doesnt already exist and amend pod
* Amend host menu items to be a little more descriptive
* Remove 'Catpure Terminal' from Hosts menu as it doesnt do anything useful

2008-01-23 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.23-1

* Apply bugfix supplied by Jima
- Ensure loading of hosts from user ssh config file is case insensitive

2008-01-23 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.22-1

* Update X resources class to allow use of terms other than XTerm
* Apply patch from Harald Weidner to stop error messages in Debian Etch
* Add in key shortcut (alt-h) to toggle history window
* Tidy up pod a little to highlight notes better
* Check terminal_font config for quotes and remove
* Enable use of "configure --sysconfdir=", defaults to /etc
* Revise host checking algorithm to take ssh_config files into account
* Revise username check used as part of host id to accept more chars
* Correct year value for previous two entries from 2008 to 2007

2007-11-28 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.21-1

* Implement a basic history window in the console (option -s)
* Fixed bug whereby username@ wasn't being used correctly

2007-11-26 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.20-1

* Move source repository from CVS to SVN on sourceforge
* Remove last digit of version number since not required with SVN
* Add in host menu option to close inactive windows
* Apply bugfixes suppled by Tony Mancill
- reset xrm switch in terminal_args 
- prevent warning messages being printed when keysyms arent found
- fixes for fvwm
- chekc for child process before sending kill
* Slight rewording of man page
* Add in option to use telnet as comms command (use 'ctel' to invoke script)
* Run through perltidy -b -i=2
* Appy patches from Klaus Ethgen
- Client dies when cannot write to pipe
- Sleeping and flushing in window manager to allow time to draw windows
- Fix pipe reading to not use undefined values
* Apply patches from Nicolas Simonds
- allow colons in hostnames
- allow -o option as per man page
* Apply patch from Peter Palfrader
- improvement to finding binaries
* Allow font to be specified on the command line
* Check for errors around key data gathering
* Add in 'extra_cluster_file' to csshrc

2006-07-24 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.19.1-1

- Below is an abridged version of changes - see CVS for more information
* Check for failure to connect to X session
* Totally rework character mapping and events to cope with non-QWERTY keyboards
* Rework pasting code to cope with non-QWERTY charatcters
* Manpage/help doc updates and corrections
* Check for missing definitions for cluster tags in .csshrc
* Run through perltidy -b -i=2
* Apply patch to add in optional port information from D. Dumont
* Amend hotkey code to not pick up <ctrl>-<alt> as default clientname shortcut
* Alter repeat function to improve efficiency
* Rework retiling code 
* Add "-e <host>" to evaluate terminal and communcation methods
* Add in toggle option on hosts menu
* Fix check in find_binary to ensure one is actually found
* Search $PATH and other standard places for binaries incase $PATH is incomplete
* Amend code to allow getting help when no X display available
* Allow override of both key and mouse paste key sequences
* Added icons and desktop file
* Amended clusterssh.spec to cope with icons and desktop file
* Improve cluster file import efficiency as was taking faaar too long previously
* Fixed bug whereby when pid's of the xterm changes records were not updated
* Do not die when pipe open fails, but continue as others may be connected
* Remove code that breaks the minimize/maximise stuff;
* Catch X button presses on title bar to close all windows correctly
* Delay map event capture at program start to avoid infinite loop
* Fix execvp error on Solaris 10

2005-11-28 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.18.1-1

* Correct mask value for backtick (grave) character
* Add more logging for debug mode
* Amend indentation
* Rerun through perltidy
* Improve cluster file import efficiency as was taking faaar too long previously
* Fixed bug whereby when pid's of the xterm changes records were not updated
* Do not die when pipe open fails, but continue as others may be connected
* Remove code that breaks the minimize/maximise stuff;
* Catch X button presses on title bar to close all windows correctly
* Delay map event capture at program start to avoid infinite loop
* Fix execvp error on Solaris 10
* Update to man pages

2005-06-24 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.17.1

* Allow _'s in paste text correctly
* Bugfix minimise/maximise again
* Run through "perltidy -i=4 -ce"
* Unmap all windows in one go instead of one at a time when retiling
* Add + doc 'console_position'
* Maintain user position of console between maps (i.e. tell window manager 
  not to move it)
* Note that ssh options are for OpenSSH not for any other ssh version

2005-06-13 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.16.1

* Allow ignoring of unresolved hosts (i.e. if hostname aliased in 
  ssh config file)

2005-06-09 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.15.1 

* Add and document "-c <clusterfile>"
* Add and document "-l <username>"
* Add and document "-o <options>"
* Document "-t <title>"
* Set controlled terminals to have user set size & position (WM_SIZE_HINTS)
* Speed up initial terminal openings
* Remove all key bindings from drop down menus (conflicts with emacs and
  can all be done by other hotkeys anyhow)
* Allow individual hotkeys to be disabled, instead of all-or-nothing
* Updates to POD
* Update retile code to avoid flickering windows (& also fix cygwin bug)
* Rename -t to -T to match previous series option
* Added in -t to modify cmd line args for terminals

2005-06-04 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.14.1 

* first cut at terminal opening speed up

2005-05-20 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.13.1 

* Bugfix for whitespace in config files (missing a char from regexp)
* Allow for minimising/maximising all windows when done on console

2005-05-19 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.12.1 

* Bugfix for shifted non-alphanumeric keyboard chars not being pasted correctly
* Marked version number with 3rd digit to signify beta releases

2005-05-18 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.11

* Remove trailing whitespace from config file lines
* Prevent paste events being sent to non-active clients
* Allow paste events to send capitalised letters

2005-05-17 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.10

* fix for moving atom numbers in font info

2005-05-11 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.9

* Allow multiple hosts or tags in the "Add Host" text widget
* Retile all windows (if set) after adding a host
* Do not automatically send a return after hostname (Alt-n)
* Fix bug with sending read hostname instead of internal unique host 
  name (Alt-n)
* Fix bug whereby cannot start cssh without any hosts on cmd-line
* Fix bug where client name was sent to inactive clients
* Fix bug whereby 0's in sent text were ignored

2005-05-09 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.8

* Remove the need for xlsfonts (perform function by X window calls instead)
* Debug level output changes
* Ensure windows are overlapping in the right places, instead of any order
* Create config section on window decorations (i.e. title & scroll bars)

2005-05-05 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.7

* Found ConfigureWindow instead of ResizeMoveWindow

2005-05-05 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.6

* Lots of work on window tiling - to fall at last hurdle (No XResizeMoveWindow)
* Documentation updates
* Allow -u ouput when binaries havnt been found
* Start coding for capturing an existing terminal window
* Rebuild hosts menu when all hosts checked, not when each host checked
* Change debug message output level of keysyms
* Cater for config of no tiling, but allow to retile in console window anyhow

2005-05-03 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.5

* Remove some old (commented out) code
* Remove some (unnecessary) debug code
* Start coding for window tiling
* Modify find_binary function to make it more portable
* Output internal vars in "-u -d"
* Small mods to docs to take account of all of the above

2005-04-26 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.4

* Changed order of "use POSIX" to put :sys_wait_h first to avoid chance of 
  hitting known issue
* Allow for running from cvs dir in config{comms}
* Add "ConnectTimeout=10" to default ssh options
* Add further debug info
* Add check to ensure hostname can be resolved before attempting connection
* Modigy zombie reaping to prevent hand on unconnected cx term closing
* Add "autoquit" feature to close ClusterSSH after last client window closes
* Also produce man page and include as part of install

2005-04-10 Duncan Ferguson <duncan_ferguson@user.sf.net> - v3.3

* src/cssh.pl: Rewritten from scratch
* Set up to use Gnu Autotools