Revision history for slackget10

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
0.02	Many updates and addings

0.03	The followings classes are now in there neare final form :
	- slackget10::Package
	- slackget10::PackageList
	- slackget10::SpecialFiles::PACKAGES
	- slackget10::SpecialFiles::CHECKSUMS
	- slackget10::SpecialFiles::FILELIST
	- slackget10::SpecialFileContainer
	- slackget10::SpecialFileContainerList
	The slackget10::Base have well advance, and a new namespace have been added : slackget10::Network::* which will manage all network connections. Classes from this namespace will be has simple has the other to use (I hope...)
	New classesare (I can ommit somes..) :
	- All slackget10::Network::* classes
	- slackget10::List
	- slackget10::Server
	- slackget10::ServerList
	- slackget10::Config (I think it's a new one but I'm not sure :))

0.04	I have recycled the Log class from old slack-get sources, and improved existing classes. The network is now fully supported.

0.05	Wed May 11 01:05:26 CEST 2005
	This new version correct some bugs, fully support the network, and I am now sure that a large part of the module works fine. 
	You can test a large part of functionnality by using the slack-getd perl script in the t/ directory.
	In this version there is a lot of debug print, if you want to test the slack-getd daemon you have to custom the config.xml file.
	The servers.xml can be used as it.
0.06	Mon May 16 14:55:17 CEST 2005
	Add the followings modules :
	- slackget10::Network::Auth
	- slackget10::Status
	- slackget10::PkgTools

0.07 Tue Aug 30 20:44:36 CEST 2005
	This is an intermediate development version which correct some bugs.
	- correct all docs to pass the "pod-coverage" test. I still not provide a test suite but I correct existing code to pass default test.
	- Modifying A new instance of this class is now usefull. She instanciate the followings class : slackget10::Config, slackget10::Base, slackget10::PkgTools, slackget10::Network::Auth. Moreover it provide accessors for this class (please read the doc)
	- also provide the base architecture for the new plug-in system. Provide the load_plugins() method. TODO: implements the call_plugin() method.
	- Made some modifications in slack-getd
	- Add some functions and method (in slackget10::Base among other)
	- Last but not least I have update all install script (MANIFEST, Build.PL, etc.) and they now are complete :-)