Revision history for Perl extension Class::Meta.

0.14  2004-01-21T01:00:18
      - Private and protected constructors generated by Class::Meta are now
        truly private and protected.
      - Class::Meta no longer generates constructors when they're added with
        create => 0.

0.13  2004-01-20T21:36:30
      - For default accessors, object and class attribute accessors were
      - Private and protected attributes now are truly private and protected
        if they're constructed by the accessor builder packages that come with
      - The call_get() and call_set() methods of Class::Meta::Attribute and
        the call() methods of Class::Meta::Constructor and
        Class::Meta::::Method now use goto to execute the true methods. This
        removes the call to call_get() or call_set() or call() from the call
        stack trace, and makes it possible for the private and protected
        checks to always work properly.

0.12  2004-01-17T20:25:58
      - The class "name" attribute now defaults to be the same as the key
        if it is not explicitly set.
      - The constructor generated by Class::Meta no longer attempts to set
        class attributes.
      - A package name now must be passed to the Class::Meta::Constructor's
        call() method as the first argument. This is allow for proper support
        for inheritance.
      - Accessor generators now create accessors for class attributes as
        class attributes, instead of as object attributes.

0.11  2004-01-15T03:47:33
      - Added link to for reporting bugs.
      - Added distribution information to all modules.
      - The package attribute now properly defaults to the package
        calling Class::Meta->new.
      - Class::Meta::Class->construtors now works.

0.10  2004-01-09T03:56:11
      - Initial public release.