Revision history for Perl extension Class::Meta.

0.51  2005-12-17T03:40:26
      - Added "code" parameter to add_attribute(), so that a new method can be
        defined right in the call to add_attribute(), and Class::Meta::Method
        will install it. Inspired by Ovid's Class::Meta::Declare.

0.50  2005-12-14T04:33:46
      - Constructors created by Class::Meta now iterate over the attributes
        when assigning arguments or defaults in the order in which the
        were defined, rather than randomly.
      - The "attributes()", "constructors()", and "methods()" methods of
        Class::Meta::Class now return *all* objects, including private and
        trusted objects, when called from the class that defined those
      - Minor optimizations to the constructor created by Class::Meta.

0.49  2005-11-02T03:27:10
      - Added "keys" method to allow all Class Object keys to be fetched.
      - Added "args" and "returns" parameters to "add_method()" to allow
        methods to be better described.
      - Added "clear" method to delete Class Object keys.

0.48  2005-04-13T21:32:39
      - Fixed accessor generation for "once" attributes with a default so that
        a value can be passed to a constructor and properly assigned to the
        "once" attribute instead of its default, rather than throwing a
        read-only exception.
      - Added "default_builder()" class method to Class::Meta::Type. This
        allows a default builder other than "default" to be specified when
        none is explicitly passed to Class::Meta::Type->add(), such as when
        data types are implicitly created for attributes that reference
        objects of Class::Meta classes.

0.47  2005-04-05T16:25:28
      - Changed the "constructors()", "attributes()", and "methods()" methods
        in Class::Meta::Class so that any classes thta inherit from
        Class::Meta::Class are never considered to be the caller.
      - Added the "trusted" parameter to "new()" to identify trusted packages.
        Added a new constant, TRUSTED, for the "view" parameter to identfy
        constructors, attributes, and methods that can be used by trusted

0.46  2005-03-09T18:24:59
      - Fixed documentation to reflect that the "class()" method in the
        Constructor class requires the package name as its first argument.
      - Modified "add_method()" so that methods can optionally be
        automatically created by "build()". Patch from Tim Canfield.
      - A call to "build()" now deletes unneeded references to objects,
        freeing up a bit of memory.
      - Changed minimum required Perl version to 5.6.1. Certain tests are
        disabled in this version, since the version of Carp included in
        Perl 5.6 lacks the @CARP_NOT feature. Everything should work fine,
        however. Suggested by Tim Canfield.

0.45  2005-01-07T19:41:41
      - Added "parents()" method to Class::Meta::Class to return the class
        objects for any classes that the class inherits from.
      - Attributes that use an alias to set their types will now have the
        alias converted to the canonical type key.
      - Fixed typo in Class::Meta that named the generated method "class()"
        instead of "my_class()". Reported by Curtis Poe.
      - Documented "bool" synonym for the "boolean" data type in the
        Class::Meta library documentation (it was already documented in
        Class::Meta::Types::Boolean, of course).
      - Fixed broken links to Class::Meta::Types classes in Class::Meta
        library documentation. Reported by Curtis Poe.

0.44  2004-10-28T01:25:12
      - Classes created by Class::Meta will now be used as data types. This
        saves the developer having to generate classes *and* add the new
        classes as data types when objects of a class will be attributes of
        another class.
      - Added "class_validation_generator()" class method to Class::Meta::Type
        so that a custom object validation generator can be specified instead
        of the default. This simplifies specifying objects as data types
        without custom creating validation checks for every one, and is
        especially useful with the new implicit Class::Meta class data types,
        as it will be used to generate the validation checks.

0.43  2004-09-20T06:19:27
      - Accessor builder classes that don't properly load will now correctly
        cause Class::Meta to die.
      - Class::Meta::Class->handle_error() now joins multiple arguments it
        receives into a single string to be passed to the error handler
        code reference.
      - Class::Meta::Attribute now correctly finds attribute accessors that
        were not created by Class::Meta (that is, when the "create" parameter
        is set to NONE), provided that the build_attr_set() and
        build_attr_get() functions of the accessor builder package can
        find them (as the accessor builders include with Class::Meta can).

0.42  2004-09-19T23:57:53
      - Fixed test failures on Windows in "t/errors.t".
      - Added "abstract" attribute to class objects to identify abstract
        (a.k.a. "virtual") classes. Constructors generated by Class::Meta
        will throw an exception if they are used to try to construct an
        object in an abstract class.

0.41  2004-08-27T02:32:17
      - Added "for_key()" class method to Class::Meta to return a
        Class::Meta::Class class for a class key.
      - Eliminated '"my" variable $objs masks earlier declaration in same
        scope' warning.

0.40  2004-08-27T01:51:12
      - Remembered to actually apply the patch taht fixes the tests under
        Windows. Sheesh!
      - Subclasses of Class, Constructor, Attribute, and Method can now call
        "SUPER::new()" and "SUPER::build()" without getting errors.
      - Changed implementation of Class::Meta::Class so that its attributes
        are stored in the object hash itself. This brings it in line with
        the implementation of Constructor, Attribute, and Method, thus
        making subclassing consistent with those classes. However it also
        required that references to its contents be changed in all the other
        classes, as well. Hence the bump to 0.40.

0.36  2004-07-30T00:59:31
      - Finally, truly got the tests fixed for Windows. Without question.
        The fix was even tested, first! Thanks to Robert Rothenberg for
        his persistence.
      - Minor doc fixes, repoted by Jesse Vincent.
      - Added simple example for a default value code reference. Suggested
        by Jesse Vincent.

0.35  2004-06-28T23:16:16
      - Fixed the names of the included types classes in the documentation
        of Class::Meta::Type. Spotted by Dan Kubb.
      - Fixed a few documentation references to a "class()" method to
        reference the correctly named "my_class()" method.
      - Fixed failing tests on Win32. For real this time, I hope! Reported
        by Robert Rothenberg's CPAN testing.
      - Added build() method to Class::Meta::Method to parallel the same
        method in Class::Meta::Attribute and Class::Meta::Constructor.
        It's a no-op, but will be called when Class::Meta::build() is
        called, so it could be useful for subclasses. Inspired by a
        suggestion by Mark Jaroski.
      - Added POD coverage test.
      - Documented undocumented methods and functions. Most of these are
        actually protected methods, but they will be of interest to those
        creating their own subclasses or accessor generators Class::Meta.

0.34  2004-06-17T17:52:30
      - Fixed failing tests on Win32. Reported by Robert Rothenberg's CPAN

0.33  2004-06-17T00:05:47
      - Added "override" parameter to "add_attribute()" so that subclasses
        can override attributes in their parent classes.

0.32  2004-05-25T17:09:39
      - Fixed the MANIFEST so that the new semi-affordance accessor generation
        actually works. Reported by Mark Jaroski.

0.31  2004-04-20T18:25:25
      - Moved extra code to prevent AccessorBuilder from pointing to
        Constructor in the default (croak) error handler from AccessorBuilder
        to the default error handler. Carp is a PITA.
      - Added "handle_error()" class method to Class::Meta. This method is
        used by Class::Meta classes when no Class::Meta::Class object is

0.30  2004-04-19T23:44:26
      - Added semi-affordance accessor generation.
      - Modified arguments passed to check code references. Now, in addition
        to the new value to be assiged to the attribute, the object being
        assigned to and the Class::Meta::Attribute object that describes the
        attribute are passed. If the attribute is a class attribute, then the
        second argument is a hash reference containing the existing value and
        the name of the package.
      - Thanks the the presence of the attribute object as an argument to
        check code references, the name of the attribute is now included in
        exceptions thrown for "once" and "required" attributes.
      - Added "class" accessors to Constructor, Attribute, and Method, to
        return the Class object for the class in which the constructor,
        attribute, or method was defined.
      - Added "error_handler" parameter to Class::Meta->new to be called for
        fatal errors.
      - Added default_error_handler() class method to Class::Meta to act
        as the default error handler when no "error_handler" parameter is
        passed to Class::Meta->new.

0.20  2004-01-28T22:03:09
      - Added more documentation to the Class::Meta synopsis that highlights
        the generated constructor and attribute accessors, as well as the
        introspection API.
      - Fixed documentation to reflect that the introspection class method
        installed in a generated class is called my_class(), not class().
        Thanks to Marcus Ramberg for the spot!
      - Documented the "required" attribute of Class::Meta::Attribute.
      - Added "once" attribute to Class::Meta::Attribute. This attribute
        indicates whether an attribute value can be set to a defined value
        only once.
      - Renamed the call_get() and call_set() methods of
        Class::Meta::Attribute to simply get() and set().

0.14  2004-01-21T01:00:18
      - Private and protected constructors generated by Class::Meta are now
        truly private and protected.
      - Class::Meta no longer generates constructors when they're added with
        create => 0.

0.13  2004-01-20T21:36:30
      - For default accessors, object and class attribute accessors were
      - Private and protected attributes now are truly private and protected
        if they're constructed by the accessor builder packages that come with
      - The call_get() and call_set() methods of Class::Meta::Attribute and
        the call() methods of Class::Meta::Constructor and
        Class::Meta::::Method now use goto to execute the true methods. This
        removes the call to call_get() or call_set() or call() from the call
        stack trace, and makes it possible for the private and protected
        checks to always work properly.

0.12  2004-01-17T20:25:58
      - The class "name" attribute now defaults to be the same as the key
        if it is not explicitly set.
      - The constructor generated by Class::Meta no longer attempts to set
        class attributes.
      - A package name now must be passed to the Class::Meta::Constructor's
        call() method as the first argument. This is allow for proper support
        for inheritance.
      - Accessor generators now create accessors for class attributes as
        class attributes, instead of as object attributes.

0.11  2004-01-15T03:47:33
      - Added link to for reporting bugs.
      - Added distribution information to all modules.
      - The package attribute now properly defaults to the package
        calling Class::Meta->new.
      - Class::Meta::Class->construtors now works.

0.10  2004-01-09T03:56:11
      - Initial public release.