Revision history for Perl extension SVN::Notify::Filter::Markdown.

0.05  2011-06-26T05:28:51
      - Moved the repository to
        [GitHub]( Yes,
        I'm aware of the irony.

0.04  2010-10-21T18:29:20
      - Added Test::Pod to the `recommends` parameter in `Build.PL`.
      - Now requring Text::Markdown 1.04 or higher. Always depended on
        features added then, just didn't realize it. Thanks cpan-testers!
      - Switched to "traditional" `Makefile.PL` compatibility.

0.03  2008-05-18T03:41:38
      - Removed the spelling test from the distribution, since it can
        fail on systems without a spell program or using a different locale.

0.02  2008-05-15T03:24:13
      - Updated copyright.
      - Added Test::More to the "build_requires" parameter in Build.PL.
      - Added spelling test. No spelling errors found.
      - Now requiring HTML::Entities, since SVN::Notify only recommends it,
        but this module only does HTML.
      - Fixed a test failure when for systems without sendmail. Now
        SVN::Notify won't even look.        

0.01  2008-04-02T05:11:13
      - Initial public release.