Changelog for Search-QS

0.03 2019-06-10T10:15:42
 - forget another 'each' on a scalar.
 - forget to update which have an 'each' applied to a scalar
 - Minor: Add support in travis for dzilla
 - Minor: Always travis
 - Minor: Alway travis
 - Minor: Removed empty section in travis file
 - Minor: Add travis file for online tests
 - Solved a bug which not compile in newer perl versions. Update some

0.02 2019-06-06T15:38:52
 - Updated documentation and add more tests
 - Add a few documentation
 - Some minor changes to documentation
 - Generated README.pod
 - Add ReadmeAnyFromPod in dzil conf file

0.01 2019-06-05T08:26:17
 - Shared code for tests exported in a single module
 - Add documentation to Filter(s), Options and Sort
 - Add documentation to Search::QS::Filter
 - Add documentation to Search::QS
 - Add parse and to_qs to main class. Add tests
 - Add Search::QS::Options and tests
 - Add parse to Add tests to check
 - Moved from Set::Object to Set::Array. Add tests for query string decode
   and filters encode
 - First commit