Revision history for PGObject-Util-DBAdmin

1.0.0   2019-07-08
        Extend API with 'verify_helpers' class method to allow users to
        assert whether the module can successfully run its helpers or not

0.131.0 2019-07-06
        Sanitize the environment before shelling out to external programs,
        because (a) that's the secure thing to do and (b) it breaks the
        called programs if the environment contains debugging settings

0.130.1 2018-06-05
        Correct typos in documentation

0.130.0 2018-04-21
        Backups use pg_dump and pg_dumpall `-f` option, not stdout capture
        Document effect of localizing filehandles on output capture
        Add `compress` parameter to backup() method
        Set DB_TESTING=1 to run file tests as they require postgreSQL utilities
        In Makefile.PL, correctly classify test deps as TEST_REQUIRES

0.120.0 2018-03-27
        Documentation fixes
        Don't use shell to execute external commands, blocks command injection
        Trap shell errors running external commands
        Test exit code after running external commands
        Don't attempt to parse stderr from external commands for errors
        External command stdout/stderr available via object property
        Default to temporary directory provided by File::Temp
        Respect method parameters if defined (previously only if true)
        Add further tests, including Perl::Critic
        Create backup output files with umask 0600
        Delete incomplete backup files after error
        Raise exceptions with croak/carp rather than die/warn
        external psql command now run with `--set=ON_ERROR_STOP=on`
        external pg_restore command now run with `--exit-on-error`
        Bump minimum perl version to 5.10

0.110.0 2017-11-21
        Correctly invoke 'pg_dump' (it doesn't recognise a '-d' option)
        Remove tabs from sources
        Fix #6: 'host' and 'port' arguments not used in 'connect()'

0.100.0 2016-12-17
        Publish 0.10 as 0.100; CPAN considers 0.09 equal to 0.090, which is
        higher than 0.10.0 (which is 0.010_000)

0.10.0  2016-12-17
        Removed MYMETA.* (
        Correct spelling errors reported by Robert James Clay (
        Correct copyright years ( and #10)

0.09    2016-07-18
        Fixed handling of &'s in db names

0.08    2016-02-11
        Added ability to pass connection parameters to connect()

0.07    2015-07-16
        Fixed handling of connection when connection fails

0.06    2014-09-18
        Fixed support for remote hosts.

0.05    2014-09-14
        Added backup of globals

0.04    2014-09-14
        Additional tests
        Fixing packaging bugs
        Adding server_version api

0.03    2014-09-13
        Better handling of auth environment variables so they don't always clobber
        Fixes to exception handling
        More tests

0.02    2014-09-12
        Better error handling of external programs, using Tiny::Capture to 
        process external stderr

0.01    2014-09-11
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.