** 0.04 / 2019-07-12
  - Fix package name in inheritance (Weasel::Widgets::HTML instead
    of Weasel::Widget::HTML)
  - When clicking on an option in the Select widget, wait for the
    DOM to be built before generating the actual click.

 ** 0.03 / 2019-02-28
  - Adapt to changes in Dojo::Widgets::HTML (::Selectable and ::Select)
    which now feature a 'value' method which is separate from
    "get_attribute('value')" in the sense that the returned value depends
    on the selectedness of the option.

 ** 0.02 / 2016-07-09
  - Return the 'value' attribute from the 'valueNode' subnode when
    asking for a SELECT widget's value

 ** 0.01 / 2016-06-23
  - Initial release to replace LedgerSMB's
    (https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB) test code