Revision history for Perl extension Aspect.

0.11 Thu Aug 3 2004

    - Fixed problem in upgrading from 0.08, was getting confused
      on Advice and Modular, because they had no version numbers, and
      undef is smaller than 0.08. (merlyn)
    - Lowered dependency on Test::Class to 0.03

0.10 Thu Jul 30 2004

    - No longer a developer release
    - Added Listenable reusable aspect
    - Added subject_params() support for TestClass library aspect

0.09_3 Wed Jul 6 2004

    - Added Carp::Heavy to list of untouchables in,
      to avoid Carp dumping core
    - Test::Class aspect allows for customizing IUT through

0.09_2 Sat Mar 6 2004

    - AdviceContext now has the original code, so you can do
      AspectJ-style around advice. You can call the original code from
      before or after advice. Added AdviceContext::run_original.
    - Memoize can memoize in any context, not just scalar, again
    - Added Test::Class helper aspect
    - Started using Devel::Symdump

0.09_1 Sat Mar 6 2004
    - Released for review by participants in YAPC::Israel 2004
    - New syntax is incompatible with old
    - New maintainer, Ran Eilam
    - Control flow pointcut: cflow(), done according to Marcel's design
    - Advice context trapping for control flow pointcuts
    - Use Test::Class for unit tests
    - Wormhole reusable aspect
    - Added prototypes so you can dispense with parentheses
    - Removed return/around pointcuts, added after advice
    - Removed attribute interface
    - Added a mutated version of Hook::LexWrap with support for
      appending/removing arguments
    - Moved reusable aspects to Aspect::Library
    - regression: Aspect exported subs generate join points again

0.07  Wed Jul 31 22:42:27 CEST 2002
    - The distribution has been adapted for use with
      perl5.8.0. C<Hook::LexWrap> is now a core module, but there was
      a problem with context (wantarray) handling with Aspect::Memoize.
      Sorry about the perl 5.6.x users, but this is bleeding-edge
      stuff, so you're expected to use the very latest gear. Anyway,
      you can still get an earlier version (up to 0.07) from CPAN,
      which will work with perl 5.6.x.
    - Aspect::Memoize is now intended for subroutines returning
      scalars only. That is, if the sub is called in list context,
      it will still only memoize, and return, a memoized scalar. Void
      context obviously doesn't matter when it comes to memoization;
      subroutines returning lists are something I have to think about.
    - Tests now use Test::More

0.07  Fri Mar 15 09:04:51 CET 2002
    - symbols exported from now don't generate join points.
      So I added Aspect::import() and modified Aspect::JoinPoint::enum()
      to check for %Aspect::exp_syms.

0.06  Fri Oct 26 16:42:51 CEST 2001
    - added around() function to
    - added Aspect::Profiled
    - added Aspect::Attribute interface to creating advice
    - made Aspect::Advice's enable() and disable() return $self
    - added cookbook example program
    - added cookbook recipes for bounds checking and change
      tracking, plus sample programs

0.05  Thu Oct 11 09:44:50 CEST 2001
    - removed dependency on Data::Denter

0.04  Mon Oct  1 18:33:00 CEST 2001
    - removed the patched Hook::LexWrap now that 0.20 is out
      which fixes all the problems of 0.10
    - added documentation (a recurring theme, never finishes)

0.03  Sun Sep 30 19:43:56 CEST 2001
    - added documentation
    - Included a patched Hook::LexWrap that fixes a bug with
      wantarray preservation in subroutine wrappers. Will be
      removed if and when Damian approves of the patch or otherwise
      fixes the bug.

0.02  Fri Sep 28 12:59:06 CEST 2001
    - added documentation
    - added '$::thisjp' global variable
    - added modular memoization aspect: Aspect::Memoize
    - added modular tracing aspect: Aspect::Trace

0.01  Fri Sep 28 10:36:08 CEST 2001
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
        -XAn Aspect