Revision history for PGObject-Simple

2.0	2017-05-19
	Removed support for Perl 5.6 and 5.8
	Code cleanup
	Now provide exports for code re-use in rolls and adaptors
	Give precedence to functions over hash elements in object mappings.
	Added getters and setters for dbh
	Added association interface

1.9     2016-11-20
        Fix issue #5: Don't call $value->to_db() [PGObject already does]
        Fix issue #6: Don't special-case BYTEA arguments
        Fix author tests

1.8     2014-08-21
        1. Made use of catalog-lookups memoization-safe.

1.7     2014-08-19
        1. Solved a number of issues regarding overriding defaults for 
        application frameworks

1.6     2014-02-24
        1. Added per class schema handling (overridden by per call handling).
        2. Re-arranged requirements in Makefile.PL
        3. DB tests now use DB_TESTING=1 to set on, consistent with other
        PGObject modules

1.5     2014-02-16
        1. Added contextual return handling so that db procedure calls can 
        return either the first row of the set (usually useful where that is
        the only row) or the full set.

1.4     2013-11-12
        1.  Fixed __PACKAGE__->call_dbmethod interface so it works.

1.3     2013-06-07
        1. Fixed test case that caused thins to bomb

1.2     2013-06-05
        1. Added registry support
        2. Additional safety checks for database tests

1.1     2013-05-30
        1. Added function prefix support.
        2. More documentation

1.00    2013-05-26
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
        Changes from LedgerSMB's API include:
          1.  call_procedure uses funcname instead of procname argument
          2.  main mapper is called call_dbmethod instead of exec_method
          3.  Fewer assumptions regarding database connection handling