Revision history for PGObject-Simple-Role

2.0	2017-05-19
	Depending now on PGObject::Simple 3
	No more code duplication
	We share state with PGObject functions
	New architecture.

1.13.2  2016-11-21
        Fix minimum required dependency

1.13.1  2016-11-21
        Fix minimum required dependency

1.13.0  2016-11-20
        Fix issue #8: Let PGObject handle $value->to_db() calls
        Fix issue #9: No special casing of BYTEA function arguments
        Fix author tests

1.12.1  2016-06-14
        Properly handling null when explicitly set.
        Doc fixes
        Able to get registry through this package.

1.12.0  2016-02-12
        Fixing warning about unitialized value in subroutine entry

1.11.0  2014-08-25
        Now safe regarding memoized PGObject catalog lookups

1.10.01 2014-05-01
        Fixed wrong licensing reference in Makefile

1.01    2014-02-25
        Handling of per-class default schemas

1.00    2014-02-18 
        Correct handling of lazy attributes
        Removed dbmethod() and documented why
        Contextual return of results so scalars return first row.

0.71    2014-02-15
        Fixed Makefile.PL to ensure proper dependencies

0.70    2014-02-15
        dbmethod() refactored so it is usable by libraries other than this one,
        is better tested, and more general.  Use of the export here is now 

0.52    2014-01-14
        Fixed funcprefix handling with call_procedure

0.51    2013-11-20
        Fixed inability to push funcprefix through to PGObject::Simple

0.50    2013-11-13
        Refactored to centralize logic in PGObject::Simple
        Added dbmethod() for declaratively defining database methods.

0.13    2013-11-06
        Fixed test cases requiring Carp::Always, which was not in makefile.

0.12    2013-11-05
        call_procedure can now be called on subclasses by package name if 

0.11    2013-05-31
        Fixed an issue with the Makefile not reporting Moo::Role as a dependency

0.10    2013-05-30
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.