Revision history for Perl extension MOBY.

    - Fixed bug where data types registered into registry could contain
      illegal characters.
    	* added some tests to Client-Central.t to test for this condition 
    - Fixed META.yml in the distribution. Please refer to changes for 1.07.

    - Important: run the script moby-s-update-db once you have installed
      this module if you have *upgraded* an existing installation.
	- Fix bug in CollectionArticle, SimpleInput, SecondaryArticle, and 
	  SimpleArticle that caused objects created to have 'memory'.
	- Updated the MOBY::Client::ServiceInstance module to reflect
	  the fact that services can have >= 0 MobyUnitTests.
	- In MOBY::RDF::Utils, fixed typo in the 
	  ref ($self)  =~ m// statement
	- In MOBY::RDF::Ontologies::Services, added a loop to go over
	  the array of unit tests
	- MOBY::RDF::Parsers::ServiceParser, added a loop to parse out 
	  unit tests in those instances that more than one is defined, 
	  and added code to parse out the datatype/namespace/servicetype 
	  term from a uri/lsid.
	- Added the function 'raw_execute' to MOBY::Async::Service to
	  allow calling of services with raw XML similarly to the method
	  in MOBY::Client::Service.
	- Fixed typo in MOBY::Client::Service that refered to POST 
	  services as category 'post' rather than 'cgi'
	- updated to handle cgi/moby/moby-async
	  services and to take into account that services can have >= 0
	  unit tests.
	- fixed bug in that allowed you to register datatypes
	  with similar articlenames to other members in the datatype.
	- added cgi-async to category of services that registry understands.

    - Changes to makefile reflecting the cpan addition of wsrf.
    - Added Boolean to the data sql dump file for initializing
      a new registry.
    - Added character encoding checks to the data kept in the
      registry. All data used in the register* methods are
      checked to be encoded in UTF-8
    - Added $VERSION info for all the modules. Sorry if this
      creates some initial confusion; The longer term gains
      far exceed any short term disruptions.
    - Cosmetic fixes in and
	- Fixed a bug in related to temporal file location/creation
	  introduced by a previous commit
	- Bug fix related to asynchronous MOBY calls with empty mobyData elements. 
	  MOBY::Async::SimpleServer uses serviceInputParser, which had the bug fixed.
	- Added "no warnings 'redefine';" to MOBY::Async::WSRF to suppress redefinition
	- Added Unit test predicates to
	- Created module that can be used to test Moby services. This module is
	  MOBY::Client::MobyUnitTest. Methods for determining whether differences
	  exist are complete. Currently, the method to obtain differences is 
	- Fixed the uri in the RDF returned in when
	  the resolver is attempting to let you know what the latest lsid is
	  for the given entity.
	- RDF for service instances now includes unit test information if unit
	  test information is available for the service instance.
	- fixed how references were created in MOBY::RDF::Ontologies::*
	- added a unit testing script for services to the shared/cgi dir.


	- Multiple bug fixes / additions to installer (thanks to Jason Stewart),
	  as follows: 
		* detecting root and giving a warning if not root
		* creating apache file in conf.d/ if running apache2
		* added apache defaults for debian/ubuntu systems
		* added a couple longer messages to give people a heads up
		  what is happening.
		* changed many/most of the do {...} if pprompt() to 
		  if (prompt()) {...}
		* changed the big multi-line messages from multiple 
		  say "..." to say <<EOT;
		* re-indented most of the file - the whitespace was messed 
		  up on Emacs22.

		bug fixes
		* the prompt menu for cloning the DB has a default of 'b' 
		  in the prompt string, but no default in the actual call to
		  prompt() so if the user didn't type anything they got an 
		  ugly error
		* in prompt_for_directory() switched the cases around for -e
		  and -w otherwise -e wouldn't get triggered
		* in config_file_from_template()  added an if defined $fh test
		* added a chmod 644 to the mobycentral.config because it has
		  the DB root password
		* called die() if mysql wasn't detected
	- fixed a bug in the script that referenced $opt_c
	  instead of $url. (thanks to Jason Stewart)
	- prompt for a username/password for the registry to access the db.
	  if the user doesnt exist, we add it. This helps us stay away from
	  using the root password in the mobycentral.config file.
	- Fixed bug in the service instance cache code. Services from service
	  providers with other registered services was not updating itself
	- isAlive information is removed from cached rdf because it made 
	  absolutely no sense keeping it there.
	- #'s converted to forward slashes so that the URIs are resolvable
	- fixed a bug in that caused the incorrect domain 
	  name to be placed
	- file MOBY-Server/t/MOBY.t removed because it was tesing a non-existant
	- fixed the installer script, username/password, root/root was hardcoded
	- fixed a bug in MOBY::dbConfig that caused certain parameters to be
	  ignored in the configuration file if a field was empty.
	- added a caching script to be used by registry providers needing to
	  update their cache. 
	  For more information, run: -h

	- fixed bug in MOBY::Client::Central::DUMP that resulted
	  in an error ('Not an ARRAY reference at 
	  MOBY/Client/ line 1927') being raised.
	  Thanks to Pieter Neerincx for finding the bug and a
	- fixed bug that allowed service types to be registered 
	  with empty ISA relationships.
	- MOBY::Config now only reads the config file once instead
	  of numerous times.
	- Attempted fix of shared memory bugs with
	  Shared memory wasn't being recycled properly and led to the
	  server running the script to run out of memory segments,
	  causing the script to run, but not to produce any output. 
	- MOBY WSRF implementation was not WSRF compliant in some 
	  points, and the same happened with sample code. Both the 
	  libraries and the generated WSDL have been fixed.
	- Added checks for those cases where RDF is wanted for a 
	  particular ontology that is empty. Instead of dying, 
	  we now return an empty document (as should be expected).
	- Fixed a bug in the schema for secondary inputs. The schema
	  was missing the column 'description'

	- CVS version of MOBY released to the world via CPAN!