Revision history for MOBY-Client

       *  fix: dont make an un-necessary network call when instantiating
               a MOBY::Client::OntologyServer object.
	   *  Updated the Makefile.PL to handle some missing dependencies.
	   *  Updated CommonSubs to remove all hard coded entries for the
	      namespace prefix 'moby:'. In addition, all references to 
	      nodeName were replaced with localname so that element namespace 
	      prefixes are ignored since they dont really matter. 
	      Also, the localnames are resolved to check the namespaceURI

	   *  Fix bug in CollectionArticle, SimpleInput, SecondaryArticle, and 
		  SimpleArticle that caused objects created to have 'memory'.
	   *  Updated the MOBY::Client::ServiceInstance module to reflect
		  the fact that services can have >= 0 MobyUnitTests.
	   *  In MOBY::RDF::Utils, fixed typo in the 
		  ref ($self)  =~ m// statement
	   *  MOBY::RDF::Parsers::ServiceParser, added a loop to parse out 
		  unit tests in those instances that more than one is defined, 
		  and added code to parse out the datatype/namespace/servicetype 
		  term from a uri/lsid.
	   *  Added the function 'raw_execute' to MOBY::Async::Service to
		  allow calling of services with raw XML similarly to the method
		  in MOBY::Client::Service.
	   *  Fixed typo in MOBY::Client::Service that refered to POST 
		  services as category 'post' rather than 'cgi'
	   *  Added the category 'cgi-async' to the list of service
	      categories that are allowed.

       * changes to makefile reflecting the cpan addition of wsrf
       * added MOBY/ to the module
       * added MOBY/Client/MobyUnitTest for unit testing our services.
       * RDF for service instances now includes unit test information if unit
	     test information is available for the service instance.
	   * fixed how references were created in MOBY::RDF::Ontologies::*
1.02   16 May 2008
	   * fixed bug in MOBY::Client::Central::DUMP that resulted
		 in an error ('Not an ARRAY reference at 
		 MOBY/Client/ line 1927') being raised.
		 Thanks to Pieter Neerincx for finding the bug and a
	   * fixed bug that allowed service types to be registered 
		 with empty ISA relationships.
	   * MOBY WSRF implementation was not WSRF compliant in some 
		 points, and the same happened with sample code. Both the 
		 libraries and the generated WSDL have been fixed.

1.01    5 March 2008
        * removed some failing pod tests
        * added some preliminary modules for parsing RDF (Namespaces/ServiceTypes). Others will follow

1.00    12 Feb 2008
        MOBY::Client released to CPAN