Revision history for Perl extension lsid-perl.

	- 1.1.6 cpan release relied on codebase found in the wrong repository.
	- added back the functionality to fall back on simple http get on the authority followed by /authority
	- silenced some errros in
	- has been revised to use Module::Install

	- Fixed bug in Perl use statements
	- Minor code style cleanups

	- Updated the WSDL Object to be aware of XML Namespaces
	- Added default service name processing for LS::Authority::WSDL::Services
	- Fixed mispelling in MANIFEST file
	- Converted LS::Client::BasicResolver to use a simple die with error details
	- Converted to simple die with error details in LS::Authority, LS::Client::SOAP and LS::Client::HTTP. Full conversion to is pending
	- Added several exceptions in
	- Included new Perl module dependency: for exceptions
	- Bug fixes in the LS::Service layer, LS::Client layer and base LS layer
	- Split LS::Service::* into individual files
	- 'use base' where possible
	- Fixed the test suite
	- Continued to cleanup LS::Authority::WSDL
	- Removed dependency on SOAP::MIME (had to work around a SOAP::Lite 0.60 bug)
	- Updated WSDL module to explicitly set XML prefix->URI mappings

	- Bug fixes to LS/Authority/WSDL/

	- Bug fixes in examples/client/
	- Bug fixes to LS/
	- Added LS::RDF::ComplexDocument
	- Added LS::RDF::Bag
	- Added LS::RDF::Metadata
	- Made the Format returned in an LS::Service::Response do something to HTTP headers
	- Documentation update in all Perl modules
	- Migration from ->isa to UNIVERSAL::isa to avoid dreferencing undefined objects
	- Added LS::Base as the base class for all LS objects
	- Added error handline methods to LS::Base
	- Added stack trace information to LS::Base
	- Migrated all error handline to LS::Base routines
	- Added LS::Config that will parse the file examples/config/lsid-client.xml
	- Cleaned up more code in LS::Authority and LS::Locator
	- Added LS::Service::AdvancedDataService which allows regular expression matching in the namespace lookup
	- Added proxy authority example.
	- Added convenience methods for adding ports to an LS::Service::Authority
	- Added Web Resolver example
	- Added Authority designer example
	- Added test suite use 'make test' before 'make install'
	- Fixed numerous bugs in the WSDL parser
	- Created a LS::Authority::WSDL::Constants
	- Move to new version

	- Creation of a Client library
	- Creation of a basic client resolver
	- Many small fixes to the Authority framework
	- Small fixes to the example authorities
	- Rewrite of the example client
	- Fixed - [ Bug #3985 ] uri_unescape not called in LS::HTTP::Service::do_data
	- Rewrite of the cache manager, supports large files
	- Vanilla HTTP transport supports large file downloads
	- Initial implementation of LSID Assigning service framework and client
	- Seperation of LS::SOAP::Fault class to its own package
	- Removal of LS::Service::Fault::SOAP class (it was redundant)
	- Standardization of return values (LS::Service::Response or LS::Service::Fault)
	- LS::Authority::WSDL package and classes have been enhanced and made more general
	- Implmentation of Foreign Authority Notification service
	- Updated example authorities to work with new WSDL objects
	- Added LSID Assigning Service example and template (see examples/tools for the template)

	- Faults now percolate through the stack
 	- getServices is automatically populated with the correct endpoints
 	- Fault codes are now updated to the specification
 	- Namespaces allow full range of methods defined in the specification
 	- LSIDs are now completely case sensitive from the namespace:object:revsion portion
 	- WSDL document generation is now simpler
 	- LSID port types are now fully specified 
 	- Many service cleanups and descriptive error messages 
 	- And many more fixes...

	- Moved to new specification based on the OMG
	- SOAP with MIME attachments
	- HTTP Authorities with Faults
	- SOAP Authorities with Faults
	- Moved LS::Authority::Service::DataService to LS::Service
	- LS::SOAP::Service, LS::HTTP::Service are implementations of LS::Service
	- Touched up cache manager code pending rewrite
	- Added httpd.conf examples for Apache authorities
	- Some methods have been deprecated (getAuthorityVersion, getKnownURIs, as well as object methods)

	- Added cache manager for all LSID related information
	- Added HTTP Basic Authentication processing
	- Created authority framework

	- dies from RDF::Core::Model::Parser->parse are now caught
	- updated
	- LSID strings are now validated in LS::ID->new
	- Removed resolveMetaDataQuery SOAP calls and perl interfaces
	- LS::Resource now uses the getMetaData call, and RDF::Core for processing the metadata
	- The APIs to LS::Resource and LS::Authority have changed!  See their perldoc for details.

	- Added support for SOAP data port bindings
	- Added support for getMetaData call
	- Added support for expires header
	- The APIs to LS::Resource and LS::Authority::WSDL::Simple have changed!
	  Some methods have been deprecated.  See their perldoc for details.

0.01  Mon Feb  3 14:38:15 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-AX -n LS -b 5.6.0

$Id: Changes 1818 2007-11-05 19:33:12Z edwardkawas $