0.09    4 May 2012
        Added license information as parameter.  Verified it works with
        5.15.9 threaded and unthreaded.

0.08    31 March 2012
        Some minor documentation fixes.  Verified it's working with 5.14.2,
        both threaded and unthreaded.

        Fix creation of internal keys for UTF-8 encoded strings.

0.07    7 August 2009
        Upgraded to 5.10.1, and upgraded to latest code esthetics insights.

0.06    11 September 2007
        Raised dependency of Data::Alias to version 1.07 because of issues
        with 1.06 that were fixed in 1.07.  And some minor pod fixes.

0.05    23 August 2006
        Some tweaks in "reuse" for better performance.

        Added subroutine "fixate" for easily initializing hashes and list,
        and to easily fixate already filled hashes and lists.

        Added subtoutine "spread" for easily spreading the same constant
        value in a hash or a list.

        Added subroutine "forget" for resetting the internal hash for keeping
        constant values.

        Removed TODO file, please check TODO section in the pod.

0.04    16 July 2006
        Renamed to Data::Reuse, first version released to CPAN.

0.03    29 June 2006
        Some fixes and tweaks.

0.02    28 June 2006
        First public version of Data::Constant.