0.12    31 May 2012
        Added support for "maint_blead" parameter, so that we can automatically
        add installation information for distributions that support a "maint"
        and a "blead" version of the code.

        Fixed error in tests for versions of perl / ExtUtils::MakeMaker that
        would not leave test droppings (aka MYMETA.* files).

0.11    30 May 2012
        Fixed some test droppings (MYMETA.* files weren't cleaned up).

0.10    4 May 2012
        Some small fixes.  Verified it runs with 5.15.9 and that it indirectly
        (already) supports the -package name version- version specification

        Added license information as a parameter.

0.09    31 March 2012
        Some more podfixes and made sure it runs with 5.14.2, threaded and

        7 August 2009
        Brought up to 5.10.1, and to the latest coding esthetics insights.

0.08    13 July 2007
        Quick fix for problem showing up in 5.9.5.

0.07    24 July 2006
        Brought up to Perl Best Practices standards.

        Added VERSION support, which automatically updates the pod and
        README files with the version information obtained from the generated

0.06    8 february 2004
        Adapted check in source test from \n to use $/.  Hopefully this should
        solve the problems with Win32 platforms.

        28 January 2004
        Made sure the test-suite cleans up on multi-versioned systems.

0.05    15 January 2004
        Removed the temporary file creation logic, as it was messing up my
        symlinks structure.

0.04    7 January 2004
        Made the updating of files a little more secure after presentation at
        the Amsterdam PM Meeting.

0.03    4 January 2004
        Added option to specify which text and pod files to check and possibly
        update.  Suggested by Dan Browning.  Added documentation for these new
        features and some more tests.

0.02    29 December 2003
        Some pod and debug statement updates.

0.01    28 December 2003
        First version of Devel::Required.