0.04	6 April 2012
	Brought up to the latest code esthetics.  Stopped doing unneccessary
	BEGIN block magic.  Verifies it runs on 5.14.2, threaded and unthreaded.
	Added LICENSE parameter to allow MetaCPAN to show license info.

0.03	1 February 2004
	Changed internal workings to use %Carp::Internal to indicate module
	names that shouldn't be listed in a traceback.  As per suggestion of
	Perl Monk tilly.  This however only works for Perl 5.8.0 and higher.
	Change the removal optimization slightly for other versions of Perl.

	29 January 2004
	Minor first 4 line regex removal optimization.

	Minor nits in the documentation.

0.02	29 January 2004
	Fixed problem with extra lines in "cluck" and "confess" types of
	handling.  All intermediate levels in Log::Dispatch::xxx modules
	are now removed.

0.01	28 January 2004
	First version of Log::Dispatch::Perl.